Drunk Pirates

5azm65azm6 Member Posts: 31
Spaces available in this posse for committed players who like to chat, looking for members who can deliver level x1k every event. Come along and give us a go.


  • MPHMPH Member Posts: 756
    Make sure you are true pirates though, that fight every battle until the end. Cowboys may be accepted though if you can show us your potential to be a pirate.

    Only the strong and brave need to apply. If you only want to sit and gain rewards then feel free, your reward will be a red ass, as the boss kicks it.

    Pirates are back in the game
  • MPHMPH Member Posts: 756
    Top 3 posse last event. Looking for 2 big hitters to keep us going. Come and be a Pirate.
  • MPHMPH Member Posts: 756
    Ok Pirates are back in business and will aim to be top 1-10 each event now. Yes I know probably 3-10 but we aim high.

    We now need 6, yes 6 top players to join us on our charge to erm 3rd.

    However, and this is a big however. Please only join us if you are able to hit 40k and more each event. If you can't or won't, then no need to bother.

    We just kicked 4 mid event who could easily be scoring high but chose to send 1 train.

    We know it's a game and believe me the Pirates have fun, but we don't like hangers on or leaches.

    So if you are level 40 or more and active and like to be part of a fun chatty posse then apply and the boss (5) will be more than happy to frisk you down and on approval, give you your pirate stripes.

    Good luck all and we look forward to meeting some real pirates.
  • MPHMPH Member Posts: 756
    8 needed now, we seem to have had a few leaches recently. 3rd with 21 players. We will be great with 30 big fighters. Come and join the fun
  • 5azm65azm6 Member Posts: 31
    Drunk Pirates have space for players that like to play and chat. Looking for a minimum of level X 1k but ideally scoring higher. Currently 3rd with only 19 scoring members if you think the pirate life is for you come aboard and enjoy the ride.
  • MPHMPH Member Posts: 756
    Ok lowered the entry level to 35. We need 10 players who want to have fun be active and want to be fighting in the top 10. Ideally top 5. If that's you, join and chat to 5, the boss.
  • MPHMPH Member Posts: 756
    3rd 3rd 5th guess we are consistent again. Plenty of room still, so come say hello
  • MPHMPH Member Posts: 756
    Lowered to level 30 entry. But only join if you kick ass. We will know
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