Disable Posse Recruitment During Events

Title says it all. I have seen this done in other games where the ability to apply to a guild/alliance/posse, is simply disabled during events.

While stacking players during an event may not be against the "Rules" or ToS, it leaves an impression of being unfair. Disabling recruitment would put an end to the "cheating" discussions.


  • AkselAksel Member Posts: 80
    Well.... this "cheating" stuff might be relevant for 0,000001% of the Posses - the rest could not care less.

    For the rest of us it just means that we cant play the way we want to - bringing in people to learn, visit others and having fun AND most importantly - replace people who does not want to contribute!
    Nobody cares if we make 300k or 600k or whatever....
  • mfjokermfjoker Member Posts: 14
    To be honest, cheating is when a posse has an unfair advantage that other posses do not have access to. Our posse choose to stick with the same 30 players throughout an event, but everyone has the ability to swap out members if they so choose. Some possses do this for position on the leader board. Personally, if we are hitting our goals I could care less what position we end up in an event
  • TiffaniesTiffanies Member Posts: 7
    No reason people could not be replaced prior to the start of the event and no reason someone should be "visiting" other players during an event. Sorry but calling bs on that one.

    Simple fact is stacking players during an event gives an unfair advantage and I doubt it is what the developers had in mind.
  • AkselAksel Member Posts: 80
    How many posses do you think there are in the game? 5000? 20000?

    Why would you impose restrictions on how they want to use their Posse just because YOU feel there is a problem among the 10-15 highest scoring Posses ?
    How big a problem is 'stacking players' in Posses not even close to reaching 100k ?

    This is a game to be enjoyed - not something to be boxed in a certain way to cater for your personal desires.
  • TiffaniesTiffanies Member Posts: 7
    @Akael If playing only for enjoyment, why are you making such an effort to swap players in? Is it your "desire" to obtain higher scores?

    Why not let those who enjoy the competition, compete fairly?
  • AkselAksel Member Posts: 80
    Its simply a question of being free to do whatever we want.
    That has absolutely nothing to do with scores as the people we bring in make very few points.
    They are either visitors or replacing someone making zero points.

    You simply cant see the problem of imposing stupid laws on everybody to fix a problem you think exists... and if it does its limited to extremely few Posses?

    I guess not so this will be my last entry in this thread.

  • MEASHAMEASHA Member Posts: 1
    Bottom line is that posse's use this tactic because they suck atthegame the game and need help to score high. So, if u suck u should use this tactic.
  • OblioOblio Member Posts: 219
    There may be plenty of reasons to join a posse in mid event. If I loose a player, I'm happy to welcome a replacement. I also see no reason to limit social visiting during an event... C'mon, it's just a game, lighten up! Nobody is stealing bread from the mouths of starving orphans here. Whatever strategies the top 10 posse's might do to get 3million points doesn't impact 99% of us playing for fun.
    My solution would be to only allow a player to collect a prize if they were a member of the posse when it was earned.
    My 2 cents
  • TiffaniesTiffanies Member Posts: 7
    Social visiting?! Really? It sounds like the argument of a 12 year old.

    West is hardly a game that lends itself to socializing. There is no personal, general, server or global chatting ability.

    There are plenty of other avenues for socializing... The West FB page, forums, outside apps like FB, Twitter, Line, etc...

    A member that takes pride in their posse should not be leaving it during an event that requires a group effort. surely that member could stay put during a 3 day event.

    Y'all have come up with some very colorful excuses, but the simple fact is that groups are exploiting a loophole in the game. Behavior like this discourages those who might pay and support the app from spending and many from participating in the events.

    When an organization presents a competition and it is centered around groups working together to climb leaderboards, one has a reasonable expectation that the competition will be conducted fairly.

    Only letting folks receive items that they were present for may not be a bad idea provided their points are deducted when they leave the posse. Points could follow the player. If someone scoring 100k leaves the posse during the event, the points could leave with them and be deducted from the group score. However, groups would find a loophole in that I am sure.

    And to expand upon the soccer analogy... When Alabama and Clemson play... Folks don't go running from one side to the other during halftime to "socialize". They go to their respective locker rooms to work out plays and strategies and prepare for the 3rd quarter.
  • BluerabieBluerabie Member Posts: 15
    @Tiffanies I agree the loophole should be closed, but would like to point out that our posse is very social. We have almost become a family. So nyanyanya. >B-P
  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
    People shouldn't be allowed to move around during events nor should any other players be allowed to come in to collect rewards cards that they didn't work for. It's that simple. Allowing this is stupid. It creates things like HeH who is now at 6 posses because they allow players to be baby fed cards they didn't actually play for. The dev team screwed up by allowing this and it will kill the game. End of story. 99.9% agree with me on this I am sure

    And it does matter because some of us actually like to compete and have a chance of winning occasionally. That's the whole point of the leaderboard.

    I have fun within my posse so I don't really care but it will kill the game faster than it would have died otherwise.
  • OblioOblio Member Posts: 219
    edited February 2016
    Tiffanies, please try making your arguments without personal attacks.
    Well grounded, considered arguments are more effective then emotional jabs.
    Because someone doesn't agree with you, doesn't necessarily make them wrong, childish, and/or crazy.
    ... The opinion of a 52 year old, casual gamer.
    Because there is no effective global chat, the only way to catch up with an old clan is to visit. Fix loopholes... Yes! But do it without hobbling interaction & communication.
  • kinwai0214kinwai0214 Member Posts: 62
    Wow, Frag..you again ! You mad bro ? What is the problem of doing charity ? We ( Topgunz Unite ) allowing Buffalo River and West Italiano ( they are not our feeder posse ) top 10 players to collect rewards after we reached goal..I can't see any problem here, 3.5m goal is too high, not every posse can make it to the goal, but we are willing to help..seriously , it's just a cheap legendary card, and I have too much in my deck..I think maybe u should figure it out how to hit 3.5m instead of complaining..

    but I have noticed there are some posse rotating players since beginning for their own advantages ( either goal or leaderboard ) , example : Beowulf, Saigon, world class
  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
    Not mad at all kinway. My opinion is still the same. It shouldn't be allowed period. People have to earn cards. Not get them for free. Thats all. Giving them away makes people I attack or revenge stronger quicker therefore I lose more often. The people I attack at my level don't necessitate have legendary cards unless you people give them for free. It causes them to be stronger to revenge. If people weren't spoon fed cards I could win more often therefore upgrade levels more often before they reach me since I been playing longer then them and that way they would have a hard time reaching me. You guys are messing up the whole rhythm with this. Don't you see the logic in that? It is stupid to give cards to people. Let them work for them man. Let them earn the damn cards like we all did. Or mostly all except for a few people at the top with this weird idea that it's ok to give away cards to people who didn't earn them. Spoon feeding is for babies bro

    We are working on reaching 3.5. One player at a time. When you don't get spoon fed cards and choose to play the right way and climb up the way a game is made to be played then it takes time.

    You guys are doing great this event! Keep it up :)
  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
    And it's simple kinway. If a posse isn't strong enough to reach 3.5 mil it means they haven't built up enough and don't deserve it. It doesn't mean 'come spoon feed us. We need help. We can't reach our goal boo hoo hoo hooooooo"

    Seriously you don't see how this messes up the game? Maybe instead of accusing people of complaining you should stop given them reasons to bring up these subjects and "complain" as you call it and focus on your posse instead of spoon feeding others. Let posses work their way up like we all did. Doesn't it make the game more fun to let people earn?

    We are in 5th. And we aren't even playing our strongest cause we know we can't make 3.5. When we are ready we will aim for it. But you know what? We are in 5th and no one spoon fed us cards we didn't earn. No one needed that. Or wanted that. We got here playing the game has it should be played.

    Some of you guys with your logic are quite funny. Always finding a way to justify your freaky actions. Charity is fine. In REAL life. In a game all that does is make the game boring faster for people. But we all know with all online games there is always a few that come and ruin it with loopholes. Not once has this not happen.

    With that said no I'm not mad. I was simply agreeing with the person who started the thread that's all. It's a game. I got frustrated about this feeder and card crap at the beginning because I played hard and long to get to where i am and I hate seeing others ruin that. But what can I do? Nothing. I'm long time over that now. I was just agreeing. Why? Because the more the dev team sees it in threads the more they might do about it. That's really my reason behind my reply ;)

    Let the trains roll on!!
  • JasperJasper Member Posts: 10
    So if a player is in a lower posse that doesn't reach 3.5 million and that player scores over 150k or even 200k individually... They don't deserve to receive the cards? We are not helping people that score 30 or 40k... It's the hard working players that are in posses that can't reach the 3.5 million that we believe deserve to get the cards. I see that as fair personally.
  • AzizAziz Member Posts: 67
    Why there is few players scared from this point ... I agree CPW should fix feeders while event running .. Please CPW do something
    No one she can take....
  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
    Jasper we have 15 who do more then 100k. Some more then 150k. We don't get that last card. Why? Cause we haven't built the posse up to that level yet. Should anyone be spooned fed cards? Come on guys. You know that isn't how it should be. There is no explanation you can give me that will justify that. No one is feeding our high scorers cards (which includes me). Why? because we are working as a team to eventually get to 3.5mil. In the meant time we all work together and patiently wait til we have earned them, as a team. This isn't about rewarding individuals. You get that in the pvp. These events are teams events. Meant for teams to work together to achieve something.

    As always we are entitled to our own opinions. But we all know what I'm saying here right? ;)
  • JasperJasper Member Posts: 10
    I'll agree to disagree Frag.
  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
    Agreed Jasper :)

    We are entitled to have our opinions. No one always agrees to the same ideas.

    I still enjoy the game non the less and enjoy my posse. A good bunch of people from all over the world :)
  • JasperJasper Member Posts: 10
    Frag... We agree to disagree about letting people in to get cards but we completely 100% agree about letting people in to obtain a higher score. Hang em High has been switching people in and out all day today because Topgunz were beating them by 100K this morning and they have to win no matter what. Now they are 20k ahead because of this. We use 30 players. We have proved that. Hang em high have no integrity, morals or sportsmanship. They are all full of crap. They will do whatever they need to do as long as they win. They had to prove there is no way a posse of 30 can beat a posse of 150 or more. Wow such an accomplishment. They should be proud. WHATEVER!!! I'd like to call them a few names but that's not allowed here.
  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
    Yup. I totally saw that. They can't handle winning fairly. They can't even really claim first place.

    I totally agree with you. A bunch of classless fools. I would rather lose playing fairly then to win this way.

    At least some of us don't do that. Well actually all of us except heh.

    What an accomplishment to he proud of wow

    The real winners this week are TOPGUNZ no doubt about it.

    Heh as ruined the fun of even chasing first place. I have a few names in mind as well but I'll just bite my tongue. It is just a game. Unfortunately a game that has been affected by their tasteless cheap tactics

    Win fairly or don't win at all. If cpw fixes this heh will end up behind all of us cause they won't be able to handle the pressure or not having feeders. We will get to 3.5 eventually. We aren't even playing strong right now. No sense. We know we won't reach 3.5. But we are getting stronger every week. And if we do make 3.5 we can be proud of it. Users feeders takes away any pride I would have.

    Boo to heh.

    YAY TOPGUNZ. Congrats on the win
  • shadygooseshadygoose Member Posts: 45
    well NOT even enough to cheating for first place, has to cheat to for trying to keep on to 4 place too, HEH2 is changing a lot of players too. Well just ignore the Numbers of HEH on the leaderboard ,if they deserved respect before , Then no more!

  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
    He2 is where they belong, under 420raiderz

    Nice team work and great hussle to the end posse!!

    And all that with two players on vacation. And some still only with 3 trains! Now that is what I call team work!

    We much rather play with integrity and work as a team then to sneak our way to 1st place. No pride in winning that way. But lots of pride playing the way we do!
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