Hang'em high switching players like nobody business

kinwai0214kinwai0214 Member Posts: 62
edited February 2016 in Compass Point: West
No doubt, they are best posse in the game, but admit it..they can't beat us ( Topgunz Unite ) with original 30 players. Guess what ? They switching faster than Mayweather running ! TOPGUNZ UNITE LOSE THE GAME, but WIN OUR HEARTS !

CPW should really looking into this issue, what I mean is please expand their member list from 30 to 150, to convenience them so they don't need to rotating players in and out :)


  • JasperJasper Member Posts: 10
    What exactly do they get by this other than the fact that 150 can beat 30? Everybody knows who the best posse is! The ones that don't have to cheat to win! They can't win without switching players even with 5 full posses. They depend on the loophole.

    Post your scores Hang'em high and let the world see what cheaters you are.
  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
    Topgunz is the winner this week. You don't have to be 1st on the board for all of us to see that. Heh is classless fools. They play as if there is money involved. Your tactics suck large! Boo to you heh
  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
    They aren't the best posse in the game. A posse is 30 players. Same players throughout the whole event. Not 40-50-60 players. So NO they aren't the best. The only thing they are the best at is manipulating the game with cheap tactics. They have no respect from any other players in cpw. Topgunz has my respect and admiration for accomplishing what they did this week. Winning this way would not be fun for me. Or for all the other posses either as shown by our sportsmanship. Is winning so important you have to do this heh? Seriously? Losers...
  • mfjokermfjoker Member Posts: 14
    May not be "officially" cheating, but what it does prove is that HEH cannot compete with Topgunz Unite on a level playing field. Not really sure how they can continue to call themselves to top posse.
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