Option to turn off active Rally Flag

Having maxed Rally flags they now last 'forever' when set.

Quite often I am near the end of an attack and just want to call in some reinforcement from a nearby destroyed camp....
....only to see them run off towards a long forgotten Rally Flag in the distance.

Why not just place a new flag you might say?
Not a good solution if I like what the rest of my troops are doing right now.
It would make them break off the attack that they are engaged in and probably get shot in the back.

So the simple solution would be to add another button to just 'Turn off active Rally Flag'


  • Lucky_Charles168Lucky_Charles168 Member Posts: 43
    Those flags really can be a pain in the .ss. It's a good thing when you can turn them off. Hope that also the troops will listen to the flags and won't run off (other topic and already somewhere in the forum)
  • TamerTamer Member Posts: 14
    Many times I wished the same... Thumbs up and hope the get heard :)
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