Dirty Harrys- 18th place with only 13 cowpokes

WillWill Member Posts: 67
Are you ready to make a difference and connect to a fun communicating posse- ride with us!! Check out Dirty Harrys!


  • WillWill Member Posts: 67
    13th place & a posse of 13! We are looking new members to ride with the best!!! Dirty Harrys- check us out!!!
  • cavcav Member Posts: 3
    Great posse lots of fun, ready to go for first with a full posse! YeeeeHah! Come join us!
  • FotakiFotaki Member Posts: 11
    If you want lots of fun and banter, come and take a look at us. You don't have to be an expert, just want to enjoy yourselves a little bit more. Oh and earn lots of new cards...
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