PosseGalore recruiting

Bluef1Bluef1 Member Posts: 13
Recruiting active players level 32+ that are able to consistently produce 20k or more points per event. PosseGalore has made all awards since inception.

Check us out on Facebook, search for group "CPW PosseGalore"


  • BlanksBlanks Member Posts: 1
  • Bluef1Bluef1 Member Posts: 13
    PosseGalore 2 (feeder to PosseGalore) also recruiting active players level 20+.
    Top player from PosseGalore 2 moves to main PosseGalore to share the 1m awards.
  • AkselAksel Member Posts: 80
    3 open seats in PosseGalore - we made 1,6 mill last event.
    Apply if you can bring at least 30k to the table :wink:
  • AkselAksel Member Posts: 80
    3 seats available in fabulous PosseGalore.
    We are shooting for 2 mill this event and require a minimum of your level x 1k points.
    You must be at least level 32.
    Looking forward to c'ya! :smiley:
  • AkselAksel Member Posts: 80
    Thanx for the kind words Fatman :wink:

    2 seats available this week.
    Level 35+ and 35k minimum
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