Old WildBlack wants you!

woewoe Member Posts: 66
Howdy pardners, Old WildBlack had one member hit the lonesome trail this past event, & we need to fill that slot. We're a friendly laid back group & our only requirement is 15k per event. So cmon in, belly up to the bar, & join the fun!


  • framerframer Member Posts: 4
    Don't think I got kicked out, but after update I'm out n can't search posse now
  • dustydusty Member Posts: 7
  • silver45silver45 Member Posts: 7
    Same here
  • woewoe Member Posts: 66
    Now that the update had buggered everything up, & seems to be corrected, cmon over & join us. 1 spot available!
  • woewoe Member Posts: 66
    Still have one slot open, come join us!
  • Violet7amethystViolet7amethyst Member Posts: 54
    Hi woe, I think posse added, silver and a farmer. Does dusty have different user name? Should we issue invites?
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