Cash shop idea

Maybe put a few cards in cash shop, iE as I can't get no doc wiz cards they seem really rare,
Seven pack of them, 2-red doc wiz -3green 4-basic
At a really fair price would be nice like 99p,
Also have few other ideas, but you'd have to pm me,


  • NekobasuNekobasu Community Manager, Staff Posts: 127
    Howdy @Ninnyd ! This sounds like a great idea. I'll forward this to the team!
  • nikkersnikkers Member Posts: 28
    The best thing CPW has is that it doesn't gouge us. Other developers would have a shop to buy all commodities. So the deepest wallets win . In this game you just have to play and play and play and play.....
  • woewoe Member Posts: 66
    I agree wholeheartedly nikkers, a cash shop just creates an elite class & takes the fun out of the game. It's truly refreshing to be able to play without being required to spend spend to advance. If it must be, then how about using our diamonds for it? It'd still create some elites, bit not ad bad as paying for cards with cash. Think i said that right
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