A Lot of Issues Recently

WindbreakerWindbreaker Member Posts: 1
Hey folks!

Chat seems to be working intermittently and the start time of the event appears to be off.

3 hours ago it said 17 hours and 45 mins. Just now, it says 17 hours and 1 min.

Can we get this fixed before the event starts please?



  • mfjokermfjoker Member Posts: 14
    Hey CPW,

    How about an update on what the heck is going on with the game, all kinds of intermittent issues, ie: chat not working, clock seems to be off, cards not registering intermittently until you get out of game and back in. Does this have anything with you rolling out the android edition? Event is suppose to start in about 12 hours, are you going to have these issues fixed by then.

  • PegPeg Member Posts: 560
    Hi CPW, The list is not working yet my train waits to be filled, says cattle battle has started. But it has not. Rebooting does not help, as it used to to get the list back . CB I hope this can be fixed before CB actually starts.
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