How do I search for individual players?

Wondering how to search for player by game name, I'd like to get in touch with old friends and I'm not that great at getting around in the forum. My posse doesn't know either. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I've been trying to figure out how for about a month now. I'm plain old lost. Any help is welcomed. Thanks.


  • woewoe Member Posts: 66
    Unfortunately as far as I can see, theres no way to search for players. Maybe the best way would be to start a "lost friends" discussion or something like that in this category as there doesn't seem to be anywhere else to post it.
  • PegPeg Member Posts: 560
    Thanks woe. I was wondering, there has to be a way, as people are able to find me... I'm new to the forum and don't know how this works yet. I appreciate your answering me.
    No one seems to know , ( or it's a big secret ) hahah Shhhhhhhh LOL
  • woewoe Member Posts: 66
    If there is a way, I have yet to figure it out. I'll keep watch see if anyone else knows of a way:)
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