New tab for event point...

Please make different tab for event point.. So make chat more lively... People lazy to look n chat because of display event point


  • AkselAksel Member Posts: 80
    I agree... important messages (and nice chats) drowns in the stream of points scored.
  • Extech39Extech39 Member Posts: 3
    Joining a posse would have more meaning if we could help each other. Saving goods for upgrades, only to have them raided is frustrating. So, we ought to have the facility to request goods from our posse. Also, to request troops for a fight is what a real posse does. There would need to be a limit, according to your own level, or fort, or stars or HQ levels. The rally point could be the fort? This would make the game feel more of a comrardre.
  • tseeqhimtseeqhim Member Posts: 7
    JnkZ - this is a very good idea. CPW developers, could you add a third "tab" at the top (with train icon that is currently used at left for cattle battles) that is only devoted to the listing of points earned by posse members? Aksel is correct - individual chat posts are drowned and lengthy chat conversations are disrupted by the posting of posse member points during battles. Sometimes hard to keep up with important in-posse chats because of the constant posting of cattle battle points.
  • OblioOblio Member Posts: 194
    I agree, a tab dedicated to chat would help posse communication. The third tab could include other 'events' as well as posse points, leveling up, promotions, kickings, etc. with clan members on 5 continents and many time zones, posse points postings during an event can force important chat messages off the que.
  • James_WestJames_West Member Posts: 8
    Also I miss logging in and seeing how active the group was. Separate tabs :)
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