Good to have you back NG.

It is really great to see some movement from NG support in resolving our tech issues.
After a bit of discussion amongst players of the game, many would love to see the developers complete the original build of the game.
We still have a Saloon that can't be upgraded till the Courthouse reaches level 22. Courthouse is at max build at level 21.'
Wranglers and Bigfoot could be upgradable to legendary levels, but that would be a costly upgrade. Not sure if many would spend the steel to do so.
Original map was going to be extended to a new frontier hence the 6th Gem/Horse pen on the east side of the map, it would bring a lot of past players back to the game if that was opened up to a new township and rail system to build.
NG's original game concept and build created a great game, many of us would just enjoy to play the finished product.
We are looking forward to see what happens from here!!

Cheers NG


  • NG_FilipeNG_Filipe Community Manager, Staff Posts: 427
    Hello @TheGrumpy1, thank you for this! Team is quite small, so things might take time and for now, the team is focused on fixing some bugs.
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