Weekly Events

I hope you are not planning on eliminating the weekly Cattle Battle and Gold rush events as they were before. That’s why so many of us have continued to play this game for so long. Totally change or eliminate these events and probably lose a lot of long times players. Posses are what it is all about. 
Thanks for listening


  • JaxxTheCatJaxxTheCat Staff Posts: 14

    thank you so much for being loyal player. And for taking time to give feedback. 

    We totally understand that the events and Posses are super important and the main reason players stay with the game. And we have no plans to remove either of those. We might want to do some improvements to Cattle Battles and Posse events. But we will keep them. If you have any ideas or improvements for Cattle Battle and Posses please let us know. 

    Thank you,
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