Update Notes

Please give us update notes that actually tell us something, the Apple Store update notes repeat the exact same thing for this latest update as the last one. 
Also running maintenance just before the end of an event can be frustrating, poor timing. 
Sorry to sound rude, but when the development team says they want discussion and feedback, but then never respond, it is frustrating.


  • OblioOblio Member Posts: 211
    At this point Next Games, we’ll take any sort of information.
    The 6 planed weekly events stopped after 3, no update to our newspapers, 
    our cards have dried up, our choices limited or nonexistent (sorry, the choice between two regular Tinmen in a draw, isn’t really much of a choice).
    Please, give us some idea what the Roadmap is, so we can choose to wait or leave! 
  • sixpackjimsixpackjim Member Posts: 2
    The game is dying. The reason so many people play the game is to do the weekly events. With the lack of cards it is impossible to accumulate any cards to participate in the weekly events. No cards no play. Not a good way to keep game going. Maybe if you had someone who actually has played the game help with updating the game it might be a good idea. Because so far all these changes to the game recently have done nothing but kill the game. Very frustrated with how this is going and so are all the players I play will. I am a member of Hang em All posse and and have been playing for 5 or 6 years. Help!

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