WARNING! Do Not Install the latest iOS update

Every player in my posse that has installed the iOS 4.4.0 update has lost their accounts!


  • FotakiFotaki Member Posts: 11
    Lost mine. The game has completely reset....
    Also it appears the game is ending in August this year...
  • KurganKurgan Member Posts: 25
    lost my game as well, not surprised the game is ending, stranger things and bladerunner games coming out soon, no feedback whatsoever from next games on this forum or tickets, pretty poor show tbh.
  • momskimomski Member Posts: 6
    I got kicked out! Wish I could of warned my gang. Someone tried but his message wasn’t clear. Don’t update!
  • jt2224jt2224 Member Posts: 1
    Oblio,  it was great riding with you, may game automatically updated and I lost my account. Tell the posse by for me. 
    Lil Cowboy 
  • OblioOblio Member Posts: 219
    I will Lil Cowboy, it’s been a pleasure riding with you.
    Happy Trails.
  • FotakiFotaki Member Posts: 11
    What a very sad end to a game that has brought such pleasure to so many.....
  • DoniajadeDoniajade Member Posts: 1
    Lost my game and spent thirty minutes trying to find a way to remove the update.

    it saddens me to lose an account this way....

    posse deserves to hear from people so we can say good bye.  
  • Lucas40sLucas40s Member Posts: 2
    Thanks Lil Cowboy for playing in our posse! A real shame that players are forced to quit the game this way. 
  • Oblio and the 40something posse!
    Its froggy...They zapped my account with the update. Is there another way to play with the 40something posse?
  • FotakiFotaki Member Posts: 11
    Sadly, this destruction of accounts seems to have effected most people. The end of the game is upon us....
  • momskimomski Member Posts: 6
    I just got an alert from my old game that my courthouse was updated to level 13 but still a new game loads. The old account is out there calling me but I can’t get to it 
  • OblioOblio Member Posts: 219
    Only one iOS player in my posse has successfully installed The 4.4.0 update.
    so far at least 7 players have lost their accounts. 
    My warning didn’t do much good, many have been forced to update.

    So, Next Games.... what was the plan?
  • momskimomski Member Posts: 6
    I got mine back! I logged in this am and there was a notice that a previous game was found. I was given an option to retrieve it. Hopefully others will open the game and give it another shot so we can play out the game these last few months. Really helps with the covid stress and boredom
  • momskimomski Member Posts: 6
    Now locked out again. Server down for everyone else? 
  • KurganKurgan Member Posts: 25
    next games servers were down yesterday 
  • OblioOblio Member Posts: 219
    I’m curious if there is a minimum # of players that allows Next Games to eliminate the 6 month support? With the screwed up event times, the total lack of Cool Down cards in train packs, & the pitiful event rewards (if they even arrive), they sure are trying to drive us away. 

    Jaxx the Cat said “We managed to do most of the changes to the game that we had planned...” If this is even close to true..... Next Games should be thoroughly embarrassed.
    Talk about going out with a whimper. 

  • momskimomski Member Posts: 6
    I was able to start a new game and get back in. No way to let my posse 5aces know though

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