Sorry :(

We are not looking for just players or posse members. We are looking for new friends! Join a posse with your friends. Play in a posse with your friends. Come and play with Rambling Rang. We would love to meet you as a new friend. Play in a posse where there is no point pressure. We encourage you to do your best, but our main goal is to meet and make new friends. ;)


  • TexanoTexano Member Posts: 19
    It does not appear that one can join a posse at this time. I have been tryin
  • Tn_ladyvoloranges1Tn_ladyvoloranges1 Member Posts: 25
    Texans, sorry to hear you are having trouble. If you are a member of a posse, you must leave it, and then search for a posse you wish to join. Hope this helps. ;) let me know.
  • Tn_ladyvoloranges1Tn_ladyvoloranges1 Member Posts: 25
    Texano, sorry about that. Hate auto correct.
  • Raven32Raven32 Member Posts: 21
    Misleading subject line, I still wish you good luck finding new members tho ;)
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