Closing down the game response

Thank you Jaxx for telling us what we learnt from you update splash screen..
Why did you not just remove the app from the app stores so no new players could join and let the rest of us just ride off in peace.
No, you createded an update that strips all app purchases and kills off player accounts forcing a restart from lvl 1.

Strip the in app purchases and give the players back their profiles. Many have taken 6 years to build those accounts.
Next Games have now entered the world of sleeze bag... Hope you enjoy the crap that will follow.
You have earnt the reward.


  • OblioOblio Member Posts: 219
    I fired up West to see if I had a response from Customer Support, after the Hot-Fix loaded, a pop-up asked me if I wanted to restore my saved game.
    I chose“yes” and my orphaned Level 60 Account loaded.
    It appears intact.
  • OblioOblio Member Posts: 219
    Jaxx, you might recall we functioned fine for 4 years without updates or customer support.
    Team West’s interpretation of a Modern “free to play” game sucks!
    Taking features away, then occasionally giving some of them back as “bonus content” Is a rotten strategy. 
    Making the the “in game currency” worth a fraction of it’s value was also a loosing strategy. You may gain a few Big Spenders, but you disappoint your existing base.
    Giving a twice daily log-in reward was fine. But at the devalued rate, it would take ages to get enough Diamonds to actually buy the much more expensive premium card packs.

    Taking away the Extra Draw, Extra Card, Silver Pack bonuses that we had paid for was appalling. And dropping the standard 2 hour draw down to 1 card was crippling to gameplay. I don’t see how you expected to “Grow the player base” by taking away our cards, making it impossible to grow our towns or build our sidekicks.
    If you had actually read the player suggestions here on your own Forum, you could have actually added content that would have made the game more attractive and profitable, rather them hopelessly hobbling it.
    Ignoring your own forum was a lousy strategy, where players were genuinely interested in working with you in nurturing the game into a profitable future.
    Please take this note as it was intended, a fair and honest critique of your efforts from a long time player who hoped you would succeed in:
    1) making the game profitable enough to justify continued support.
    2) retain the qualities that made the game enjoyable for the existing player base.
    Unfortunately, the recent updates failed in both regards.
    But the 6 month warning does give the long time players time to organize a migration of our posses to another game. 
    So, thank you for that.
  • TheGrumpy1TheGrumpy1 Member Posts: 34
    Well worded Oblio as always, I am less tact and more blunt.. If Next Games are to learn anything from this game, listen to player responses, stay in touch and always advise before implementing updates.

    As a listed company on the stock exchange they are well aware that to be rewarded in profit, they first need to build the infrastructure.
    Developement is infrastructure and by not being greedy in returns they keep service users happy. They failed to deliver infrastructure and users went elsewhere.

    Many of us have been here on the forum as you say ready to help with ideas and valid suggestions but they ignored the input, forum was even offline for 8 Months before any of us could enter comments.

    November 2020 Jaxx announced taking a case model to the board for funding to resume game developement, in the interim silly updates stripped players of paid privledges. We lost players from all posses due to the changes and hence profit would reduce. Updates also revealed all maxed out players by boosting levels to equivelent levels as their profile suggests.
    Profit margins would be calculated per level and remaining levels to maximum. Again their failure to see the need to continue developement and expand the map into another map so maxed players have something new to do.

    I also thank them for the grace of a 6 month warning but because they were still selling game resources before the call, they are mandated by consumer law to give a minimum of 6 months. Both Apple and Google will up hold that rule and any early termination will see all their games blocked. Is it reaaly thanks or they are not totally stupid.

    Rides not over yet Oblio, l will meet you on the battle field buddy.

  • texfromsaigontexfromsaigon Member Posts: 199
    Spot on Oblio
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