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This was a good game. Probably one of my favorite iPad games of all time. It was cute. It was strategic. It was simple. It had community. Something I feel boom beach & clash of clans hasn’t figured out yet. It was free to play but with nice paid for bonuses. There were ads to watch if you wanted but not to many where game play was disrupted. I picked it back up recently after playing years ago and was disappointed to find only expensive & temporary bonuses. The balance of monetizing the game wasn’t met. Not for players or developers. I feel it could of. My question is are there other games people enjoy as much as this and/or are moving onto? And thank you nextgames for years of entertainment. This was a good thing!


  • KurganKurgan Member Posts: 25
    go play walking dead no mans land much bigger community on there 
  • OblioOblio Member Posts: 219
    If this is an example of how Next Games treats it’s “loyal and dedicated” players, I am highly unlikely to consider any other of their offerings.

    I have been looking for a replacement game for several years now, but haven’t found anything with the playability of (pre update) CPW. It is satisfyingly playable at every level. Moving up was genuinely a choice, not a necessity. 
    In the years since the updates stopped in 2016 and restarted in 2019, I restarted CPW 6 times to explore different build strategies, stopping each account at a different point to explore that level’s potential. The opponent pairings based on player level, rather then Bounty Score was tough on beginners, but avoided many of the Pay-To-Play pitfall of powerful maxed out players swamping the Leaderboard. A testament to this was the artfully constructed Level 17 town that held it’s own on the Global Leaderboard for years. Within the game community, we explored and shared, and devised our own goals and challenges.
    R.I.P. Compass Point: West
  • TheGrumpy1TheGrumpy1 Member Posts: 34
    So very true Oblio. I wont go near another Next game based on their principles.
    So many times players have offered good advice through this forum to aid in the developement of CPW.
    All ignored resulting in the loss off good players.
    Alignment with current game design trends is pay to play... Seriuosly if they had requested a subscription fee of $20.00 per year to keep developement going many would have happily paid as long as they could see developement happening, not just read it is in planning.
    But it is what it is and the bean counters have said the game is not profitable.
    We shall ride till the end, we owe our teams for the efforts they have given for many years.
    So lets go down fighting.

  • GreekstermannGreekstermann Member Posts: 1
    Take a poll and see how many players would support a $20.00 yearly fee.

    I would agree to pay if the game is supported and the admins listen to suggestions and complaints.
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