Bring back old challenges!

Hey everyone! I'll try to keep this short: So since the new update all the challenges have been terrible. But I do appreciate the new locations, The Slaughterhouse is a fun map: but I am very disappointed with the rewards we're now getting. 1000 of the new item we now use for Outpost is useless! Before this update, we used to get rewards by 2 pairs and it was soooo much better because it could be anything from the 'equipment section', I'd say please bring that back! Or at least make it that when we reached a certain milestone, we received two boxes of 1000 outpost items! That'd equals 2000!+one when the guild reaches a milestone! A little better, the old system of rewards was better than the new system: ifs not broken don't fix it or change, that's what I'll say! Bring back two rewards instead of the new system which only gives us one box, and it's just 'outpost stuff", I think it'd cooler if it's ramdom like the old system worked.

I hope you read my concerns, I understand it's a lot of work to keep everyone happy; but slowly but surely I belive things could go back to how they were before all the changes came in. Peace out!


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    Forums merging again, this is showing up in Compass Point West forum: discussions & ideas
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    I was wonderin what planet he was transmitting from lol
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