Should assist become a thing in this epic game.

I do hate when two of my characters does damage on the same walker, and one gets a full bubble fill. The other character doesn't get nothing. I believe that character that didnt get the killed should have a half bubble filled for the assist killed


  • xxMichaelxxxxMichaelxx Member Posts: 102
    Individual bubbles mean nothing...its the total at the end that counts.

  • AysatyoPetAysatyoPet Member Posts: 1,168
    bubble? you mean the AP used when moving or attacking? attacking uses all AP..

  • AlibabaAlibaba Member Posts: 1,275
    @AysatyoPet @xxMichaelxx is talking about kill counter on the profile of a survivor in a mission in order to gain the charge ability.

    +1 I agree, assist would be an awesome feature!

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  • AkselAksel Member Posts: 80
    Your are writing in: "Share your suggestions for Compass Point: West"

  • woewoe Member Posts: 66
    Wow, how can you NOT know what game you're playing???? Lol
  • RamRodherasRamRodheras Member Posts: 33
    It's just another glitch in the system !!! There have been a few crossover forum writings. Don't blame the players, blame the game !!!!
  • Austin26KAustin26K Member Posts: 4
    Thanks. I have notice that there was something different. Thanks Ram
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