Two ideas here, one copying from Richard on one thread

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Sharmans, maybe let
the heal in our town,
Reasons for this, !
1- In courage more battles as we heal faster, keeps people playing more, ( I know you can pay diamonds to heal but I'm sure you don't make to much money of that,
2- more people would collect shamans.
3- maybe make it legend sharmans only, again people would have to level them up.
4- medic wagon sucks as its maxed out at level ten............. <--------


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    The legendary SharMan
  • TexanoTexano Member Posts: 19
    Here's an idea: program the Cowboys go after the courthouse instead of a bunch of empty barns! The sowboys have no battle focus. Danger wander around shooting at barns and banks and anything but the courthouse.
  • AllenAllen Member Posts: 1
    How do you get started
  • NinnydNinnyd Member Posts: 50
    Cheers alpha, as I posted this like 12:30 at night with my eye ballz rolling.
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