Extra Card: Cowboy Pulling Up His Ding Dong

Hello art department,

I purchased a started pack to have 1 permanent extra card draw. Few minutes ago, I logged into my computer, opened a deck of card, got some gunslingers and tin tins, and one of the cards in my extra draw was a cowboy holding a gun up in his left hand and pulling his ding dong in his right hand. (attached you'll find a screenshot of the extra draw with this comic card).

I am not sure, is this some kind of joke, or perhaps is it meant to be part of the game? I'm not offended or anything, I understand you have to make this game a bit comic. I had a great laughter and will purchase another pack so I get 4 draws (2 extra draws) hoping to get more funny cards like this one.

Love this game already. :)


  • AlphaAlpha Member Posts: 45
    Post the image :)
  • GeneralDDayGeneralDDay Member Posts: 18
    Hi guys,

    I didn't have my glasses on, so the cowboy that looked like one pulling his ding dong was actually Tin Tin.
    Sorry for any inconvenience this misidentification may have caused to you.
    Play this game and enjoy it. You won't encounter any perverted cowboys pulling their ding dongs.
  • KellyGreyKellyGrey Member Posts: 93
    @GeneralDDay thanks for clearing that up partner!
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