New recruits for The Hateful30

Looking for fun, friendly and active players. Our old posse was deleted and we lost half our posse members. We work together and everyone enjoys the game. You will be very welcome in our not so hateful 15! Search posse - The Hateful30, say hi to Kuddel the leader, fill a few trains and most importantly have some fun! See you there!


  • becky144becky144 Member Posts: 3
    Kuddel's old posse NoName is back in town looking for our old veterans and new recruits. All active players welcome, we were once great and we will be again but not too serious at the moment. Just drop by and get the posse party started!
  • jaredmaddoxjaredmaddox Member Posts: 1
    Just joined. We are active and on the rise. The sum of the parts by far exceeds the whole.
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