Compass West Point It does not work in BlueStacks 2

NinyHDNinyHD Member Posts: 2
Trying to open the game sometimes reaches the other simply loading screen stays black screen, have a solution?
I have a youtube channel and I would like to raise the game but does not operate in BlueStacks 2 will not be able to make videos.


  • GeneralDDayGeneralDDay Member Posts: 18
    Wait: How come this game does not work in BlueStacks? I use BlueStacks for Mac and this game works like a charm, it loads fast and I never encountered any issues. None whatsoever. I think you should dump Windows and switch to Mac. Microsoft is the worst thing that happened to humanity (bugs, glitches, terrible software design, outdated technology... just terrible). Switch to Mac. Go to Apple Store and order Mac computer.
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