TWD NML on your pc?

Wouln't it be great if you could play twd Nml on your pc? On an online site, or just a downloadable game! Cause i would enjoy this game much more if it was for pc to! Maby is this an idea?


  • autumn_ashautumn_ash Member Posts: 325
    @Lars there's a waste amount of Android/iOS emulators to play TWD on PC with, both free and paid. So for now players can just use these. You can find discussions about that kind of software on this forum.

    Also I think for some reason it's a goal for NG to let us play only on devices. I'm remembering now the predecessor of TWDNML which was available only as facebook game. It was fun. I think it's still exists and called TWD Social Game. Sure it would be nice to have smth like that.
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