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Let's discuss the latest update here!

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  • kinwai0214kinwai0214 Member Posts: 62
    Looking for new posse ? join us in Topgunz Unite ! 3.5m reward guaranteed :)

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  • Joe55Joe55 Member Posts: 14
    Update looks really exciting! Looking forward to logging on. :-)
    Hi Joe, killed anyone today?

    The day ain't over yet
  • shrobert79shrobert79 Member Posts: 183
    This next battle should be a wild ride!
  • AlphaAlpha Member Posts: 45
    edited April 2016
    Let the complaining begin!
  • shadygooseshadygoose Member Posts: 45
    Great with some new challenges, well done CPW!
  • mormelmormel Member Posts: 16
    edited April 2016
    No, not well done, healing time of waltz cards 1/5/20/90 min, ridiculous! You need now 3 to merge, 25% less, but healing times are now 80%/83%/88%/81% less
  • Lucky_Charles1608Lucky_Charles1608 Member Posts: 26
    The changing of the Dr Waltz cards also means a price reduction? Or is the price still the same ... feels strange (for all the three card merges) lesser cards same price.
    And about the rest of the update: nice work! Very curious about the new stuff and Gold Rush. ... is it thursday yet? ;-)
  • JnkZJnkZ Member Posts: 11
    Only complaining bout dr meltz... From 30min to 5 min. Thats ridiculous.
    And dynamic pvp star. Whats this mean?
  • James101James101 Member Posts: 297
    So now that new players can join during the event, I guess we are back to feeder groups... Those with feeder groups will just not have players in a posse until midway, how is CPW going to control this?? All the group has to do is have players sitting out side ant group and bring them in halfway through the event. Hope CPW changes back the new update on this and dr.walts or I could see this game dying off for a lot of players.
  • NekobasuNekobasu Staff Posts: 127
    @James101 Note that players who join a posse for the first time ever (new players) are able to contribute points though they would join the posse in the middle of the event. So, this is only possible when the player has never been in any posse before.
  • James101James101 Member Posts: 297
    Ok perfect!!
  • James101James101 Member Posts: 297
    Can you also ask your team to look at my help ticket I sent in,.....
  • mormelmormel Member Posts: 16
    Hey, what about to go on strike the next event? They have to take back the changes to waltz cards for sure!
  • DilbertDilbert Member Posts: 3
    Yeah I might be done because of the doc waltz cards. I really liked this game but if this what they are changing to so I will buy diamonds then I'm out of here. I'll give them a couple days to fix it but if not C,ya!!!!!
  • Wingman300Wingman300 Member Posts: 222
    Ridiculous..... Rugged dr waltz were 30 min heal. Now it takes 3 of them to get one Veteran and that is only 20 minutes. Pissed about the change.
  • EKW514EKW514 Member Posts: 47
    Dev team, I have a suggestion re: Doc Waltz cards. Make it 3 minutes, 12 minutes, 45 minutes and whatever, because the current "balance" is going to reduce play, not improve or increase it.
  • EKW514EKW514 Member Posts: 47
    PvP scoring - Please take the time to tell us how that will work before launching the changes. While you have good reasons for making some of the changes you have, without consultation, or regard, for our wishes, the PvP scoring is a rather personal preference aspect and sudden changes which have a serious impact on how we play could drive many good, loyal players away.
  • OblioOblio Member Posts: 219
    Dr Waltz: 5:20:90 minutes with 3 card merge is fine, but 1 min!
    Yes, the 8 hour previous card was useless, but why not just have the 3 tiers, lowering the 'regular' card to insignificance and devaluing my collected cards (substantially!) is unreasonable!
  • xCF97xxCF97x Member Posts: 25
    The change on the Dr Waltz is a horrible idea. did you lower the healing time required? Of course not. You really need to change the new times.
  • koeck2koeck2 Member Posts: 2
    The changes to the waltz cards really sucks. Regular and rugged are basically worthless now. Also having two different event cool down cards is ridiculous. I have almost maxed camp spaces and I do not have room to store both kinds of cards. I had all kinds of cowbells saved up and now they are worthless this week, but I'll need them next week so I'm not going to just toss them. Why not make just one kind of cool down card?
  • AzizAziz Member Posts: 67
    I am the one who Addictive with dr waltz cards, but now with 1m and mergin for 5m then 20m omg u destroy dr walt with this update, :(
    No one she can take....
  • JoseyJosey Member Posts: 2
    Dr Waltz cards. Should have left them as they were. This will definitely decrease my playing time.
  • lurchlurch Member Posts: 104
    Agreed dr waltz was a horrible change. 80% cut in time. Really not cool. And devalued all my cards, bout time to play something else.. I'm very active player, but not so addicted that I can't find another game.
  • XanthippusXanthippus Member Posts: 31
    edited April 2016
    Looking forward to trying out the Gold Rush event; new options and game modes to choose from are almost always a good thing. No opinion on Miner & Sasquatch until I try them out, obviously. Glad to see the bug fixes.

    A 1 minute Doctor card is utterly useless. A 5 minute rugged doctor is nearly so, even with only needing 3 regulars, since I will always see something better to choose than a regular doctor, so I will never be merging 3 regular doctors together. EKW514's suggestion above is a good one. MAYBE I'll take rugged doctors if the other three choices are even crappier (and there is a good handful of those already), but really, what kind of game design is it when players are basing their choices on which thing is the least crappy of all options presented?

    So, interesting updates overall, but way overboard on the doctor nerf. Split the difference between the old doctors and the new ones, and we might have something to work with.

    (and to the bean counters in the company office: no, this will not spur me to spend real money on more diamonds in order to make up the lost healing capacity, to whatever extent that idea drove this change.)
  • AlphaAlpha Member Posts: 45
    Hi complaining partners,

    What were you expecting? Of course new updates have the potential the push high-rollers to spend real money. That's how freemium game developers (and my dealers) earn their dough ;)

    Obviously, an 80% decrease in Dr. Waltz cards seem unfair at the first glance. However, we all knew that card was overvalued, and nerfing was a matter of time. More than 8 hours of healing (for notorious) was ridiculous. It didn't even make sense to me since I have never had more than two hours of healing needed... ever. The biggest issue here is that they are trying to hide "bad updates" and that is sneaky. There is no mention of "Dr. Waltz nerfing" in the update. They should know better. Being sneaky in the age of social media is risky, to say the least.

    All in all, I think updates are decent (not all-good) and bring much-needed new blood to the game. Keep up the good job folks!
  • XanthippusXanthippus Member Posts: 31
    Alpha said:

    Hi complaining partners,

    What were you expecting? Of course new updates have the potential the push high-rollers to spend real money. That's how freemium game developers (and my dealers) earn their dough ;)

    Obviously, an 80% decrease in Dr. Waltz cards seem unfair at the first glance. However, we all knew that card was overvalued, and nerfing was a matter of time. More than 8 hours of healing (for notorious) was ridiculous.

    Hello yourself, criticizing partner (touche),

    We all knew ALL the doctor cards were overvalued? At my level, I only have access to regular, rugged, and (the never yet seen) veteran doctors, and I did not know any such thing. I don't see anyone complaining about wanting the notorious doctor restored to 8 hours. It is the lower level cards that were appropriately balanced before and didn't need such drastic reductions, particularly for lower level players who don't have full armies on standby while other troops heal. Having 5 and 30 minute heals available for me to use judiciously was useful and balanced, and didn't trivialize any aspect of the game. I will never waste a camp slot on a 1 minute healing card, as I stated above. Never.

  • xCF97xxCF97x Member Posts: 25
    I never knew the Doctor cards were over valued other than the notorious card that I never upgraded to and only used if I picked one up in a card draw. I rarely use veteran Doctor cards.
  • JnkZJnkZ Member Posts: 11
    Yeah cpw need change dr waltz now.
    N i complaint bout pvp matchmaker.
    Still no improvement of pvp matchmaker. Still sucks. Maybe only 10-15 ppl in my lvl. Everyday see them. And not fair for higher level can be same with lower star in top ranks. How can lvl 17 can be on top 50? Their map only open very little. But can compete with higher level in chase star.
  • PhyzbizPhyzbiz Member Posts: 7
    I didn't realize at first the reduction of healing by Dr Waltz's cards until I tried to use a rugged one. Wow, 80% reduction! Let's make it proportional across the board. Reduce the required healing time of the troops by 80%. What's next? Reduction of battle points afforded by buildings during a cattle battle or gold rush?

    Now my camps will have a few more openings since I won't collect Waltz cards anymore. That will result in longer healing times and lower battle points. Oh well, I can't quit on account of too much invested in this game.
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