Dev team, why do you dislike high level players so much?

As a member of a posse with lots of high level players, I am speaking for all of us - when we started this game, we loved it. There was so much to do. At this point, the opposite is happening.

We are all "stuck" in a posse. We are among friends, and that's a great thing. We all work hard to get the rewards and compete against rival posses - which was the whole point of posses in the first place.

But, dev team, you have made the cost of staying in a posse so incredibly high - so much so, that we now have to choose between staying in a posse or leaving it and save our steel to merge the pile of notorious cards we are sitting on, because our camps are now full.

Consider how much steel it costs to post 100K points for an event.
At 2000 steel per train, that's about 105K of steel just to participate in the battles.
But you need to add to that the cost of merging the cow (and now miner) cards. That's another 100K or so spent between and during events.
So just to make your posse happy with 100K points, you're going to spend over 200K in steel per week.
Good luck having any left over for merging your notorious cards or maxing out those traps.

So that leaves high level people with stacks of notorious, miner, and cow cards. You actually made things worse by adding Bigfoot and Miner cards to the mix.
So we are now forced to choose between staying in a posse (and participating much less) or leaving the posse to do merges.

I'm sure that was not your intent, but it's the consequence of your current system.

Everyone I have spoken to would LOVE to see any of the following happen:

* A "trader" wagon once a day that lets you trade gold or goods for steel. Even if it was a 100:1 conversion rate, it would be wonderful. A conversion rate worse than that would be useless. All high level players are sitting on maxed out gold and goods with no way to spend them.
* FREE merging of Miner and Cow cards.
* ZERO steel cost for a cattle battle

Unless you make these changes or give us more opportunities to earn steel, you are unwittingly encouraging people to leave their posse to merge their cards. I am leaving mine when this event ends. Again, I'm certain that was not your intention, but you are painting us into a corner. It makes no economic sense to stay in a posse with your current steel costs.


  • HighlanderHighlander Member Posts: 38
    This event will be very tough on lower players with the new heal cards
    Kinda looks like they are screwing up everyone tho
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