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What's up world


  • VegasbabyVegasbaby Member Posts: 1
    I want you to add a casino for the town it will give you something to do in between battles
  • DirtyDan24DirtyDan24 Member Posts: 12
    That's a great idea. I second the motion
  • CrazyHorseCrazyHorse Member Posts: 1
    Im having trouble getting past Drillers Compound level 20, any ideas? Please any suggestions would be helpful.
  • tannyjeantannyjean Member Posts: 2
    I agree with Vegasbabys suggestion on the casino.
  • bstokedudebstokedude Member Posts: 5
    It would be good to have something to do inbetween battles, I agree. A casino sounds like a great idea.

    If you want to progress beyond Drillers Compound, you need to look at your fort and upgrade it to get the battle points done. Also, rally flags can be useful as your troops have this habit of not following the rest of your attackers.

    Merging cards is a good thing as well. Try and get as many notorious/legendary cards as you can but I find upgrading your fort is the way forward. The prospector's cabin and farm upgrades are also of great importance - these are the things you need to look at.

    Also you may notice during battles, there can be more than one route to go. Establish the best route and this can help. The addition of Bigfoot should help level buildings, so try and get some from the recent Posse event.

    I hope this helps you.

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