How do you get Bigfoot

How do u get Bigfoot I spent 15 dollars on platinum packs and no big foot :( I'm lv 30 another player lv 31 raided my town with big foot so how did he get him?


  • EKW514EKW514 Member Posts: 47
    Luck of the draw on the cards, just like everything else. I'm lvl 33 and found two regular Bigfoot cards in one silver pack.
  • ProspectorGioProspectorGio Member Posts: 6
    That's cool EKW514
  • AzizAziz Member Posts: 67
    @ProspectorGio send more trains now and u will see alot of them by drawing cards train prize
    No one she can take....
  • FizzyPinotFizzyPinot Member Posts: 355
    Looks like if you spend 500diamonds on the platinum card pack you may get lucky
    yay Z Nation trailer now out for new season!
  • ProspectorGioProspectorGio Member Posts: 6
    Thanks Aziz I will try that
  • OblioOblio Member Posts: 219
    In a regular train pack I got a regular Bigfoot & rugged Bigfoot, a different train pack got me an additional regular Bigfoot. I expect they will be frequent in train packs, like Sam Steel & Wranglers.
  • ProspectorGioProspectorGio Member Posts: 6
    Thats awesome. I did open a train pack today and still no Bigfoot I'm gonna try again later
  • OblioOblio Member Posts: 219
    edited April 2016
    14 Bigfoot cards so far (13 regular & 1 rugged) all from regular train packs. I've opened 36 train packs so far this event.
    I'm withholding judgement on Bigfoot until I have a half dozen Notorious Bigfeet to set loose, most 'regular' and many 'veteran' level sidekicks are fairly useless.
  • Doc_fourhorsesDoc_fourhorses Member Posts: 12
    Bigfoot is a big flop. He is worthless.
  • OblioOblio Member Posts: 219
    edited April 2016
    Not sure, but I think my Bigfoot troupe is using Dr. Waltz's camp as a litter box.

    You know what they say..... Bigfeet = big diapers!

  • ReumsterReumster Member Posts: 49
    I agree. The Yeti are worthless! They are so slow, that when combined with other troops, they just mosey around, and the target is destroyed before they get there.
  • bstokedudebstokedude Member Posts: 5
    I have three notorious bigfoot, it is the luck of the draw indeed - open the platinum pack will get you a good chance of a notorious bigfoot. I was lucky to get a bigfoot in my first opening of a platinum pack but bigfoot can be very useful in battle but I find that regular troops deployed are more effective but it depends on the situation as to when bigfoot can be effective.

    I also think that we need a legendary bigfoot as well. I'm sure we'll be seeing one before long.
  • OblioOblio Member Posts: 219
    A player in my posse is thinking of junking his Bigfoot cards, he noticed that low level Bigfoot are replacing higher strength troops as defenders in his camps!
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