~TX Punishment~ Tired of joining a posse with no activity? Tired of a ridged Posse? TXP IS 4 U!

TXP is ever flowing with the changes. We took the new type of event with surprise but with a smile, we didn't let it deter us :smiley:

-As always, if you are an elite player who does 100K easily, get in contact Earl right away or with me here, contact info below :smiley:
TX Punishment

-We got a little ambitious in TXP2 (LOL) So we have lowered the min to 20K to help lower players grow.
It's an awesome dedicated posse whom with only 12 players last event got 550 000 points! Help us get over that 650 barrier! :smiley:

-TXP3 is the party posse! Haha! Very loosey goosey with lots of fun loving people! :smiley: they got a whopping 345K!

We like to have fun in all 3 of our posses but to sum it all up rght now, TXP has tons of fun, TXP2 wants to get experienced enough to reach TXP, TXP is the bulldozer who always gets that 3.5 mill with a grin ;D

In none of our posses you will not need to get "this may points" before "this amount of time" as long as you get your share it's all great, we got to work on our own sceduale, it's a game which purpose is to have fun ;D

Adding the text from previous posts for more info if needed:

3 posses with 3 different purposes, The Enthusiasts, The Rebels and The Legends.

The enthusiasts is for people who are starting out with CPW and are eager players and wants to learn and climb leader boards, to be among those who knows the game best to be one of the best! There is an expectancy of 15-40K in this posse.

The Rebels, here we have players who will do about 20-80k per event, it will be a mix of The legend players taking it down a notch and those still learning he ropes and building their game up to join the Legends.

TX Punishment
The Legends
, here is where you want to be and we will help you to get here! Here we go for the top prize in CPW, and our goal is to sit on the top of the leaderboard. We will get there and do so with a smile on our faces; here are the greats in the game, and our motto is to have fun while being the best!!

Join our TXP family! You can try to just apply to the posse that suits your skills, but if you want to test the water first, there is more ways to find us to chat with us before joining:

- I'm keeping an eye here in the forums, feel free to post here or send me a private msg :smiley:
- Earl our posse leader you can get a hold of on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shari.shephardsweetman
- You can jump right to it and get the Kakao chat app ( unless you already have it) and send Earl a msg, her username there is 1Earl
- Lastly you can send Earl a msg on Line, her ID there is 1earl

Those who are a bit new to CPW, communication is super important for us! so we do encourage you to either have a way to reach us on fb or kakao. it can get quite chatty in kakao once we get talking about something ,especially food lol! And the most important of all is that no matter which of the 3 posses you are, we're all together in one chat room in kakao and fb, here is where The Legends can teach the Enthusiasts and Rebels a thing or two if you should need the help. You have no idea how much there is to learn about this game until you get here :wink:

Lastly; our goal is not to be big, but great! :blush:


  • Earl_1Earl_1 Member Posts: 315
    Hey guys! There r so many things I admire about TXP. First of all, that r such a great group of ppl! Everyone cares so much for each other. No strife or disagreements. Second, they really know how to play the game. It amazes me how relaxed they seem to play, but they hit their mark! Everyone sets their goal & usually they go above & beyond that. Third, & what impresses me the most, they never quit. Never ever give up. There hv been so many times I thought we were done for. But one after the other, ppl start showin up & they pull thru. I just love this group of ppl so much!

    Now with TXP2&3, I'm really proud of how they r developing. Yes, TXP3 is kind of the virtual party posse! Nut they're all about helping each other learn & grow.

    TXP2 is also a great bunch. There r ppl there who r very eager to grow the posse into something great. TXP2 has many experienced players there that r willing to help out.

    Both posses r led by 2nd accounts of very experienced players.

    As leader of TXP, I want u to understand this. Players will not b treated as pieces of furniture. U won't b moved around to suit our purpose. If it is ur desire to improve enough to play on TXP then we welcome u. I believe that a posse should feel like a family. That comes from staying & playing together so if u don't want to move to another pTXP posse, then u don't hv too. The 2nd posse was originally formed for TXP players to rest or take a break. I'm proud of how these posses hv evolved!

    Come join us!
    Leader of TX Punishment
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