How do I get in to a posse?

DoraEDoraE Member Posts: 12
Please help just started all but are on level 17 just can't figure out how to join a posse

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  • simonsgsimonsg Member Posts: 4
    There's an icon on your left, the one above train event icon, click on that and you can go search a posse, try Saigon #2 if you're an active player
  • DoraEDoraE Member Posts: 12
    Help need to join posse. I play alot,do not know alot bit like. To play level up!??
  • DoraEDoraE Member Posts: 12
    What does that mean?
  • cstamatocstamato Member Posts: 4
    Sou nível 19 e também estou aprendendo...
    Montei um grupo com nome VIKINGS e jogo como KARL HENDRIX.
    Venha fazer parte do nosso grupo
  • DoraEDoraE Member Posts: 12
    I only understand English speaking this is no help
  • TXP_CharlieTXP_Charlie Member Posts: 237
    When you're in your game, the icons on the left, the 2nd last one ( the one with the 3 cowboys in it) is all about posses :) from there you can search posses ;) Just like smonsg said ;D
  • DoraEDoraE Member Posts: 12
    OK, but I don't know how to get to join one. Do I have to go somewhere or talk to someone to join them? Also they said I should have so many people?
  • TXP_CharlieTXP_Charlie Member Posts: 237
    some has "by request" and some doesn't, but it should be clearly marked :) Open forums you'll just enter like walking in a door, by request they will review your lv and see if hey recognize your name .
    All the posses has a chat, so I would just enter and introduce myself and see if the posse is an active or responsive posse.
    You cna search for a specific posse name (you got to type in the exact posse name, caps and numbers and all) simonsg offered you go to their second posse named Saigon #2 I assume, I would offer you a spot at ours, but simonsg was here first and offered, I would feel cheeky to do so LOL
    Alternatively you can look here in the posse recruitment forum and look for a posse advertising here that appeals you. :)
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