Boycott the next Gold Rush event



  • James101James101 Member Posts: 297
    100% Shadygoose, I am the Leader of The MainEvent and we are out this week, also no advertising being watched, and no dimonds being purchased, that's 90 players just in 3 groups, there are many individuals I have spoke to from many posses and they are sitting out as well or have left their team for the event.
  • SnowDrifterSnowDrifter Member Posts: 90
    Now you guys are talking - the boycott of the "ad wagon" has real teeth, and if done on a mass scale would cause actual trouble for Next Games...

    That should be the rallying cry.

    The boycott of the event will send a message they'll not really care about, since there's zero consequences for them... Ironically, those who boycott the event will simply miss out on the rewards.
  • texfromsaigontexfromsaigon Member Posts: 199
    So I was just looking at the Facebook page and under a post from CPW from April 13th talking about the upcoming 1st goldrush event a guy named Lars Nystrom asked about the useless cowbell cards: and the official CPW response, from last Thursday, said "Howdy Lars! The next event will be Cattle Battle again. The Gold Rush and Cattle Battle events will take turns!"

    Just another example of a lack of ownership of your own deceptive behavior CPW. That's 2 separate places you stated cattle battle next. At least acknowledge that you've not done what you promised. And then fix the dr cards, lose the goldrush, and put Bigfoot back into his cage. And I'd love a cold Pepsi. Thanks
  • hashbrownhashbrown Member Posts: 62
    @Frag " And refrain from posting in threads you don't agree with."
    That's really the heart of the matter, isn't it? Someone else comes in with an opinion different than yours and spoils your rally call to try and get the developers to change their free game to make it more like how you think it should be. Yeah....I'm childish.
  • TreverTrever Member Posts: 313
    Hash brown. Freaking let it go. This post is about boycotting and now pepsi's. Thank you tex. You and frag should start your own thread. Hash? Are sitting out or not?

    On a side note. Rumor has it hangem high is sitting out but a bunch of hangem high players just bumped down to hangem 2. So now they are strong. Personally. I don't care as my posse (AuLac) is playing this event also. My point is. Why even bother sitting if half your group still wants to play. Lol. It's not really sending the message.
  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
    You're missing the point @hashbrown. Speak your opinion all you want. Just don't single me out saying I want the game my way when in fact 50-60-80 people had the same opinion. It's pointing the finger at me that isn't Cool. That's my whole point.

    As trever said lets just bury the hatchet. This is pointless.
  • James101James101 Member Posts: 297
    To bad the forum didn't have a KICK button, cuz hash brown would be packing his bags!!!
  • James101James101 Member Posts: 297
    Lmfao fatman!!!!!!! Love it!
  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
    Lol fatman... Too funny ah ha

    Boycott for porn this weekend lol. Or catch up on chores. Your call :sweat_smile:
  • TreverTrever Member Posts: 313
    Don't see any topgun people here. Or maybe I just don't know. Lol. Are they hoping to steal top spot this week. Hangem high oops I mean hangem2. They changed their name for a week. Will still run hard. Lol. 8 hours. May the best wranglers and mercs win this week. I'm letting my furry friend tend the rabbits this weekend
  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
    Bah I'm taking a weekend off no matter what they all do. They can play gr event. Zzzzz
  • bullelkbullelk Member Posts: 5
    @trever have you not been following the leaderboard? Hang'em high is not the same as Hang'em 2, or Hang'em 3, or Hang'em 4..... So what if Hang'em high is boycotting, that doesn't mean that they simply go and magically appear in Hang'em 2.....really?? Why don't you give the other posses their due diligence?? This week will be jacked up anyway because so many people are pissed off! Hell maybe posse galore will get on top of the leaderboard this week..... Nobody knows bud?????
  • AlphaAlpha Member Posts: 45
    I would boycott, but I am too lazy :s
  • kinwai0214kinwai0214 Member Posts: 62
    edited April 2016
    You guys should boycott this game, not the event, there's only 3 posses boycott gold rush , while Aulac & Buffalo will fight for top spot..TX punishment, True Grit, Beowulf, and 8 others Heng EM posse are still participating this coming event..

    hang'em high boycott gold rush , the posse is but not the members..what is the point of boycott when their members participating this coming event in other posses ? are 420raiderz and the maintevent still boycott gold rush ?

    hang'em 2 : David, susu, jack glitch, jake, Rarobs, gringo
    Buffalo River : chuck
    world class : festus, skipper, rafema, Mona, Buck, duduslemalin
    hang'em 3 : Marietto
  • texfromsaigontexfromsaigon Member Posts: 199
    Top spot dont mean squat if some of the big dogs sit out. I honestly don't care tho. I will follow the leaderboard with minimal interest. More to see who really does not play. You can bet CPW will be watching too. They think they've got you hooked. They think they can do whatever they like and you might grumble a little, but you'll still play. And you'll still spend. I'm not sure they're wrong.
  • swiftyswifty Member Posts: 21
    Hang'Em High and Zero are full of crap. ;)
  • CalamityJaneCalamityJane Member Posts: 496
    A right load of BULL-SNOT, the lie of "alternating weekly" . I have lost trust.

    *now that they've lied once to us... I ask ya "will the cows come home for the next event"? They could just as easily lie to us all again. do we wait for the next weeks events! hoping for cows? Or will they pull this stunt again? It has crossed my mind ALOT.

    Sure the update sux, but to save, preparing with cowbell cards, only to be lied to.... A bit pathetic, low down and underhanded. SOMEONE, GET A ROPE!!!

    . It's still in the paper, IN BLACK AND WHITE....go look. CPW, Please look up definition of "alternate" . Personally, I can't stand a liar OR a thief.

    CPW has managed both in the blink of an eye. Bravo, CPW. Bravo. NOT

    To play or not to play, that is the question.
  • RandyRandy Member Posts: 18
    To be clear HeH is boycotting - some HeH joined HeH2 to play but Bitrops moved up to join Zero in boycott so that's the No 1 and No 2 world ranked players expressing an opinion
  • James101James101 Member Posts: 297
    What awesome cards this week, Bahaha, glad we are boycotting, wouldn't want to waste time or steel on these cards
  • woewoe Member Posts: 66
    Spot on frag
  • mormelmormel Member Posts: 16
    Yes, so sad I miss the 5min healing time for 1mil...

    Not to late to boycott for the actual playing posses...
  • hashbrownhashbrown Member Posts: 62
    Sorry I can't continue our lovely conversation frag, but I'm too busy with the gold rush event. Our posse got a bunch of players on loan from other posses that "boycotted" the event. Any other time you guys get a hair up your you know what and want to "boycott" another event, please let us know. Other posses will be happy to pick up the slack and the extra cards from the event. Well played folks.....well played.

    Gotta go get more gold and watch some more free ads on the video wagon!
  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
    edited April 2016
    Are you as annoying and as much of an a** in real life @hashbrown? Am I ever glad we aren't friends. You are like a little child coming here to knick pick. I mean grow up. Seriously.

    Our posse has been playing hard for a year. We are always always always in top 10. Mostly always top 5. It's a lot of time. Work. And many trains. We are taking a break. It feels good. Go send your trains and stop coming to make a fool of yourself

    Have you noticed you are the only one out of all this forum that has done this? Single someone out and start this type of conversation? Everyone else is talking about the game. Seriously dude get over it. Grow up. I'll say like James. To bad we don't have a kick option here. You would have been kicked out by now with your childish antics

    I didn't even start this thread yet you act is if I started this boycott and as if I made members leave their posses. Can you not see you make no sense in what you're saying?

    I garantee you that you don't have any of our members either. We stick together. Be a man. Don't bother replying. End it now. Save face a bit cause at the moment you are making a jerk out of yourself.
  • TreverTrever Member Posts: 313
    @bullelk -have you not been following the leaderboard? Hang'em high is not the same as Hang'em 2, or Hang'em 3, or Hang'em 4..... So what if Hang'em high is boycotting, that doesn't mean that they simply go and magically appear in Hang'em 2.....really?? Why don't you give the other posses their due diligence??

    Bullock You clearly missed the point. Zero was the one saying all of hangem posses would boycott. Then what happens is 15 members of hangem just joined another posse. There is at least 6 hangem members now in hangem2. Ummm. That's not a boycott. Like I said. I don't care. My posse is gonna go hard. Im gonna work overtime. I'm gonna waste my steel and play my ass off for the five minute healing card and the veteran Bigfoot that I already threw four away. And you know y???? Just because I got nothing else to do. So sit back, enjoy your Pepsi and smile.
  • James101James101 Member Posts: 297

    KinWai, this is how are score card will look on Monday, all 29 players sitting out, we stand behind our word
  • hashbrownhashbrown Member Posts: 62
    Again, bravo to those who are "boycotting", you are doing the rest of us active players a favor. Frag, I suggest you take your own advice as your entire last post was directed at me. I believe that would constitute singling someone out, don't you think?

    Gotta go, the video wagon is back.....
  • AzizAziz Member Posts: 67
    The devloper dont care and not listening to players...

    Well thank you all who join boycott .. But its seems like boycott will not effect alot ..

    Still few top posses racing now
    No one she can take....
  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
    im only replying to your messages that directed towards me hashbrown. I didn't start the personal attack. When did I ever address you directly except after you engaged me? Enough said about this.
  • swiftyswifty Member Posts: 21
    edited April 2016
    @Randy you make no sense at all. Did you even look at the screenshot of what your leader said? Who cares if they are ranked first or second in the world? It doesn't mean anything! David and Susu are not as highly ranked as Zero and Bitrops, but they can score as high, if not, higher than Zero. You don't need to be a global or country leader to score big in events. The truth of the matter is, Zero clearly stated that him and all of the Hang' Em High posses will sit out for the event. Either you guys don't listen to your "leader" or all of you are just full of crap. No wonder why CPW won't listen to the players! You guys make the boycott ineffective! Nicely done....
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