What about next week?

Goldrush sucks. Almost everyone seems to agree. Soon no boycott will be needed because players will just not play a bad game. It's end is inevitable in my opinion. But what about when cattle battle is back? Let's not forget how big of an impact the wrecking of the dr cards will likely have on gameplay. To play at a similar level we will have to buy diamonds. Unless something changes.

I for one will not play this game again unless it's put right.

I want to compete. I want to beat Hang Em #1 when they are at full strength. I want to do it based on what my posse has earned and achieved, not what we didn't earn but bought. Might be dreaming but that's the real goal. And I don't want to buy diamonds to do it. Used to be that if you could put together enough top level shooters you would have a shot. Now I don't think anyone will have a shot without buying it. So what CPW has really taken from most of us is hope. Without hope players will lose interest.

It's been so easy not playing so far. I log on and see another raid or two has occurred on my town, and I don't care. Soon all my steel will be gone, and I don't care. No upgrades are occurring in my town, and I don't care. I'm not playing.............Unless


  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
    I am feeling some of the same things as you tex

    One thing is for sure. I play games to have fun. And gr isn't fun. So I'll skip those events. Just like we did this event. Why play when you have this "I'm bored" feeling when playing. Defeats the purpose of it being entertaining lol
  • James101James101 Member Posts: 297
    Well those cards make it worth playing for, puffffff BS event and BS cards
  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
    5 minute doctor for 1 million lol. All the smaller posses are saying gr is hard for them and what do they do? They say work hard. Real hard and we will give you a 5 min doc card. What a reward lol. No diamonds. Never any resources for rewards for hard play. Simple cards. And they can't even give good ones. Man... The more they go the more I feel like tex says

    But I think their plan is simple. The top posses probably don't spend or spend very little. I know I don't. We got full goods. Full gold. At one point I had saved up 2500 diamonds. And top posse players can send many trains without too many losses. So they will bore us out of the game. Get the lower posses closer to the top. Revigorate the game. Get them excited. And then they will spend. They are aiming for the spenders. Which makes sense in some ways. Why cater to the non spenders.
  • deputynikkideputynikki Member Posts: 18
    I thought gold rush was every other week!? WTH!? This sucks!!
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