The Inlaws NEED 1 Player!

$10k minimum to stay . We have a great time, so yer gonna need a sense of humor. We are a leaderboard team even with this awful update. We work as a team. Serious CB players ONLY.... or GR players?

We have a helpful posse to answer questions.
Communication is important. We speak English. Or something close to it . Haha

Come join us for some laughs, we are the best posse ever, Bikers welcomed! Bring yer own guns. Lol


  • TheDiceTheDice Member Posts: 3
    I average $25k a week. Are you interested in me?
  • CalamityJaneCalamityJane Member Posts: 496
    Yes definitely! At this time, we are Currently full, new players waiting to play next event. Ya never know what can happen, so keep an eye peeled for us. I dropped a note in yer mail. Thanks !
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