Permanent top #40 team recruiting

daBurpdaBurp Member Posts: 7
Tired of pulling slackers in your Team? Same here. Get in touch with meat LINE app. Search for my LINE ID boerrrrrps (5 Times "r") . Let's talk about some clear objectives to become a permanent member in a hard working nternational Team. Communicate in your home- language, preferrably English / German / French.


  • daBurpdaBurp Member Posts: 7
    One last spot to fill up
  • daBurpdaBurp Member Posts: 7
    One more free spot comming up after this event. preferred lvl 30 Player or higher, requires delivering of 20+ trains per event (40k points). No actively chatting required. Please apply by using LINE App (solely used for application process). Search for my LINE ID and give me a wink:
    (Contains 5 Times "r")

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