How vistory rewards is done ?

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Hey !
I'm wondering how the loot or victory rewards is calculated...
I notice sometime I have +/- 500 000 goods
and a raid take only 50 000...
so if the ratio is 1/10. I really don't understand...
Most of the time when I attack another player I gain 100 000 goods / gold
and I am certain at my level (30) people doesn't have 1000 000 in storage for me to steal !

Another exemple (bug like) it apppend twice already
I got on my map twice the same player at the same time at different place on the map...
The thing is they don't have the same amount of gold/goods for rewards...

I think Nextgame randomly choose a number related to your levels...etc. and certainly not about the player gold.

Thanks for this great game
I'm just wondering, especialy to find a way to reduce the gold looses...

from OKKorall posse


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    This is what I have learned.

    The loot you gain in a raid is random based on the player level.
    It has nothing to do with how much loot there is to steal.

    So for me at level 43 I always get between 70k and 170k of goods and gold.

    What you loose is also a - somewhat - random percentage.
    Its not the same for goods and gold, sometimes you loose more of the resource you have the least.
    If you have like 3-4 mill of a resource the loss is capped at around 230-240k for that resource.
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    However the steel amount never varies only changes with your lvl
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