Looking 4 a Clan. Active Player.

XandarcXandarc Member Posts: 3
I Play every day (min 15k Points per Event.)

Looking for an active clan


  • jscottjscott Member Posts: 1
    Xandarc we have a new posse for those level 30+ called Nekkid BBQ or you can try for PantlessPosse if you don't have 3 trains.
  • Silvy_MeiSilvy_Mei Member Posts: 50
    Come join Daisy Duke ☺ got room for 4 players

  • DanaDana Member Posts: 115
    @Xandarc , Six Shooter would love to have ya! 'Cmon over!
    Stonewall Guild/Six Shooter Posse
  • MPHMPH Member Posts: 756
    Look out for London uk 2 a great posse to help you move up and into the 2 mil posse London uk
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