Market place

Need a market player can buy some cards or steel,goods&gold...and player can buy using gold or diamond...thanks ☺☺☺


  • KellyGreyKellyGrey Member Posts: 93
    Thanks @rockdevilz85 for your great idea! That would be awesome to be able to buy cards, steel, goods or gold, using diamonds and gold in-game. Your tip is going to our development team!
  • Lucky_Charles168Lucky_Charles168 Member Posts: 43
    In addition: at the marketplace you also can trade between posse members. It should be possible to trade cards, gold, steel and goods.
  • PlayingCPW4freePlayingCPW4free Member Posts: 13
    @KellyGrey, if we were to buy stuff in this pardner marketplace would there be a written guarantee that you as game developers won't devalue our investment by nearly 70%?

    That would be a smooth and dust free trail right there pardner!
  • DawsieOzDawsieOz Member Posts: 3
    I like the idea of the market place it would be great to have the ability to trade cards with other members of my Possie the thought of either trading cards for cards but having the ability to put cards up for trade so that they come off you card count to give you room again on the card counter
    Sometimes I have be given a hand of cards where I have not needed any of them but had to make do with them which takes up space for the cards :neutral: it would be nice to be able to trade them rather than dumping them as I have had to do in the past. Every time I have dumped a card I feel as I have been cheated with a dud hand :-1:
    Regards DawsieOz
    It's just a Game so at the end of the day just have Fun B)
  • BigJakeBigJake Member Posts: 21
    I have thrown it out there to the D team several times to create a trade function but the was just for yourself, in that I need goods so I trade my extra gold for goods. Your idea for being able to trade with others is excellent. Your idea combined with mine really opens up options for us. I would add one more as well, let us give resources to posse members. I am full often and the lower level posse members of mine could benefit greatly if I could give/gift them resources. Thoughts?
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