No Travellers since more than a week

Cat2971Cat2971 Member Posts: 2
I am missing the travellers. Last visit was more than a week ago. The others of my posse dont have these problems, so i think, its a problem with my acc?
I had some problems with my connection the last days, and game often stopped suddenly. Could this be the cause? But i fear, when i delete to install the app new, all my data will be lost.
What can i do?


  • PlayingCPW4freePlayingCPW4free Member Posts: 13
    There are plenty of travelers in the game @Cat2971, they changed the direction they were traveling. Now they are leaving the game!
  • GazzaGazza Member Posts: 95
    Cat ... If you have linked your game to your Apple ID thru the Game Centre, then deleting and reinstalling won't lose your game. You will have the opportunity to reload your old game when you start again ... sound scary but it works.
  • Cat2971Cat2971 Member Posts: 2
    Its scary. I installed the game on my phone (android). I connected both and played it on the phone. There the circus visited my town, everything was alright. I changed back to the tablet (apple) - after deleting and reinstalling the game - and nothing! No circus, same as before. And i have no connection to the game center. When i deleted the game, all data was gone. I only got it back by the connection to my phone.
  • BillinudgelBillinudgel Member Posts: 1
    Traveling show does not work. Spinning wheel appears then error message. I have deleted and reinstalled game through gamecentre. No problems with connection. It used to work fine up til a week ago. Any advice?
  • SmilingPatSmilingPat Member Posts: 3
    I am having the same problem with travelers. They will will stop and the wheel will spin and the trailer will leave. No chance to get awards
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