Class action lawsuit?

Any lawyers or wannabe lawyers feel free to chime in here!

Players have spent real money to buy diamonds, and then used those diamonds to buy pack upgrades and open packs to obtain dr cards. After the sale CPW devalued the pack upgrades and the dr cards. This must be fraud or breach of contract or some similar violation of civil law. No individual player is likely to bring a suit to get back maybe a few hundred bucks, but a class action might be just the ticket. Thought anyone?

Let see if CPW lets this post stand.



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    I am thinking a plane ticket to Finland, a cab ride and a 2pound sledgehammer to the hands would keep the thieves from stealing again.

    F you CPW and the horse you rode in on!
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    There is no case for a class action here - too little money and as a player who downloads the game, you accept their terms of play, which includes their freedom do basically anything with the game. There is a chance you could get some diamond money back with a complaint to iTunes directly. Otherwise, your only recourse is to delete the game and move on.
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    That is the whole point of a class action snow, when individual claims are not big enough to warrant action, but as a whole group, or "class", there is enough meat on the bone so that the lawyers get paid. And maybe a few bucks left over for the people. As to your second point, have you read the Terms of play, as you call them? Can you quote the section which allows the bait and switch tactics CPW has engaged In? They told us what we were getting if we paid our money. We paid our money to get it. There's the contract. CPW then unilaterally changed the terms of the contract. AFTER the contract was established. I don't care what the so called terms of play might say, that is illegal. And as such, it's actionable. Just one laypersons opinion.
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    Okay, Tex, I don't disagree with the spirit of what you're saying.

    I did a quick Google search and discovers there's already a class action suit against Apple for App Store - apparently 7 year old kids charging thousands of dollars on games like Clash of Clans.

    I haven't seen anything against a game developer for "changing" the game after players have made an "investment."

    Another issue with CPW/Next is they're based in Finland - so the better target would be Apple, not CPW/Next. I'm assuming Apple has some long legal disclaimer for the App Store that would protect them, though.

    Remember, also, Class Action suits are best if people are out thousands of dollars... They have a shot of getting a few hundred back, if successful. In the case of CPW, the average investment might only be $20-30 a person, so likely not worth a lawyer's time.
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    Funny how the forum has changed. Used to be a bunch of people who really were enjoying the game complaining about posse switching and an uneven playing field. Haven't seen much lately about people who are having fun lol.
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    Motion denied
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    I object!
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