Zero class player BEWARE

I am the leader of The MainEvent, as posted some low life with no class kicked our entire group, his game name is Roger lvl 39 almost 40. His real name is igno de haas and should be band from the game, he simultaneously kicked all the players and left our group Facebook page.


  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
    Nice call out. Deserves nothing less. Although he probably doesn't care.
  • James101James101 Member Posts: 297
    What a piece of work that guy is
  • JuverunJuverun Member Posts: 46
    Now James, the real name: Igor De Haas, from Nederland/Holland. And Nick: Roger 39.
  • SnowDrifterSnowDrifter Member Posts: 90
    Wow, what a complete jerk.
  • James101James101 Member Posts: 297
    Complete loser
  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
    I have posse members around that part of the world. You wanna gather a real posse to go teach him a lesson lol. Pitches and forks and torches down his street lol
  • GazzaGazza Member Posts: 95
    We could drop a Bigfoot on him ... ,ightbtake a while!
  • James101James101 Member Posts: 297
    CPW please respond
  • PegPeg Member Posts: 560
    James, I agree with the others. ROGER IS THE NAME, I WILL TELL OUR POSSE. let everyone ban him from entry! CPW. I hope you ban him from entire game. This is wrong on so many levels. GET A ROPE. !!!!!
  • Wingman300Wingman300 Member Posts: 222
    CPW response - Yehaw. Thank you partner. We will let our developers know. Now get out there and spend those diamonds.
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