I Guess 420Raiderz will bow out!

mikeymikemikeymike Member Posts: 2
420Raiderz is merging with The Mainevent into a new posse called The Legends. 420Raiderz is their feeder for the The Legends in The Legends 2. I guess 420Raiderz don't have the patience to rebuild their team from ground up that they have to get absorbed by another top posse. Shame. Good job @James101 !


  • TXDukeTXDuke Member Posts: 2
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    @frag is this true? Why did u become a feeder/merger? You guys were good on your own and are better than being just somebody else's backups.
  • James101James101 Member Posts: 297
    To all, mikeymike has no clue what is going on. 420 is not a feeder, two great groups of players are just coming together. You will all see what is going on in the coming times. ;). Frag and I are brothers, why go head to head like we did as kids, time to work together.... Just be ready for us.
  • shadygooseshadygoose Member Posts: 45
    Im the leader of 420Raiderz, we are never going to be a feederteam, we are merging as all other topteams, making it possibel to play 30 players all time, we have 4-5 players that we all like, but they cant play every event.
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    @shadygoose 420Raiderz will no longer be a top posse or on leaderboards. You guys will officially be known as The Legends 2. The #2 just goes to show you are a part 2 of the main team leading the group. James, the leader of The Legends, will be getting all the glory since his team will be up there. 420Raiderz is gone and The Legends 2, like I said, will just be part 2 of the great main team. You guys did well as an individual team on the leaderboard and really didn't need to merge with a top posse. You guys were already a top posse. You guys really should've thought it through and work your way up again. Not long ago, you guys were #4 without outside help.

    @James101 going head to head in a friendly competition is what makes leaderboards great and is also what pushes people to grow bigger and stronger. It's not being bros it's about creating teams of 30s and working together among that 30 and competiting in the name of friendly competition and acheiving top prize together.

    You've done well to eliminate a competition on the leader board I must say. So thank you @James101 for making it easier for some of the other posses to reach top 10 as 420Raiderz will no longer be up there.
  • TXDukeTXDuke Member Posts: 2
    sad to see……….
  • James101James101 Member Posts: 297
    Mikey count both group in bro, we are gunning for it all, enough said from me just sit back and watch the fireworks
  • James101James101 Member Posts: 297
    Ps mikey we are bothers not bros, don't mix up my words
  • AzizAziz Member Posts: 67
    Good step .. 2 top posses mergin in one posse very clever .. Others will gonna scared from this step .. Great news and best wishes for the legends :D
    420raiderz not feeding ... Think about it mikey they did make new posse name ..
    And merging 2 posse iin new ..
    Wish u guys to be top of the top cant wait till see leaderboard next event :D
    No one she can take....
  • shadygooseshadygoose Member Posts: 45
    We have the same firepower both teams, so a lot of the points from The Legends will be from old 420Raiderz gunz, we have been strong, but will be even stronger now.
  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
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    Mikeymike youre talking through your a** bud. Being top posse is time consuming. After almost a year it's hard to play every weekend. This will allow people to take time off when needed without letting their posse down. And yet still be competitive.

    We are not being someone's back up. We are merging. Summer is here. People will be busy. We can't stay competitive when always missing 5-6 players. And when you are top for all these months going down kills the mojo.

    To rebuild takes months and months. It's getting harder to find good players. There are more excellent posses now. All other top posses have a pool to choose from. And we were all getting bored when not competitive. And we can't stay competitive if we are always covering for a bunch of missing players due to life and vacations.

    Feeders where when you could use more then 30+ players to play in same event. This is like all other top posse. A pool of players to choose from, allowing some to take time off from the game in the second posse

    Times are changing. The game is changing. We decided to change along with it. If we didn't do this we were all gonna eventually quit. Those who see change and adapt with it will remain strong.

    Anyway my 420 days are over. My lungs are shot. I had to change names lol
  • JuverunJuverun Member Posts: 46
    Looking forward to next event
  • shadygooseshadygoose Member Posts: 45
    Still think we are fading mikeymike? 420Raiderz and mainevent turned into Legends!
  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
    Shining brighter then ever!

    It was the only way to shake things up on the leaderboard! And shake it we did ;)
  • CalamityJaneCalamityJane Member Posts: 496
    Right on Frag!
  • JonnyMcAppleJonnyMcApple Member Posts: 1
    James and Frag and Shady, thanks for organizing The Legends and The Legends 2. It was a blast dethroning HEH and getting my personal best 269,000 on gold rush, only to finish 12th in our posse. I have dropped down for a breather with TL2. Good luck keeping us on top. I will stock up some iron and cards and be back soon. I can back you all on this not being a feeder team, but as part of the same team. I will be watching the scores and rooting, like watching a good football game. But this time I won't have to stay up until 3:00 a.m. Sunday night waiting for a cool down, steeling some iron, and trying to send one more train.
  • tseeqhimtseeqhim Member Posts: 7
    @Frag @James101 @shadygoose I echo the sentiments of @JonnyMcApple: thanks for the inspiration and organizational work in gathering The Legends together to show all what we've got. Put simply, it was a legendary effort by the entire Legends team. Props to HeH - they showed incredible heart to the very end. That was as good as it gets for competition. I appreciate the class in your congrats to us @Wingman300.
  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
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    After we have all played so long to get to our levels and always seeing the leaderboard the same we had to come up with something to shake things up. I am sure HeH appreciated the challenge after always being alone at the top. It is intense to say the least so you need two posse. As Johnny says you have to be able to take a breather. You need that pool of players to choose from.

    Appreciate your words Tsee and Johnny. Putting together was the easy part. What you guys did last event was the real effort! Great team work! Epic battle right to the end!
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