Eliminate Duplicate Cards in any particular Draw

OblioOblio Member Posts: 188
Almost always there are duplicate cards in my available card choices in any particular draw. Occasionally all 4 cards are the exact same card! So I am often forced to choose a card I will immediately discard.
It would greatly help camp congestion if there were more choices available allowing me to merge cards more frequently.

I understand and fully accept that there is a formula that determines which cards will show up in a pack, a certain ratio of regular to rugged to veteran etc. But since, in any particular draw, I can only choose 1 card, having duplicates to choose from can be frustrating. Especially when I keep having to discard valuable veteran cards, or cash in Notorious Town cards to make enough camp space to open a new deck.

In the six months I have been playing CPW, the number of different cards available has increased by 70%, making the odds of collecting a set of 4 to merge much less likely. Some cards merging using 3 helps, but a 3 card merge only frees up 2 spaces, to make 3 vacancies to open a new deck I either need a second merge, or use or discard a card.



  • XanthippusXanthippus Member Posts: 31
    edited April 2016
    Excellent idea. This should be a new permanent booster option, in the same price range as the extra draw and hand size boosters. I'd pay for it, say 500 diamonds or less.

    edit: I just NOW, 20 seconds after writing the above, and less than a day after a Gold Rush event ended, got four Mitch Miner cards to pick from in the same hand.
  • BigJakeBigJake Member Posts: 21
    Excellent idea.
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