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keymankeyman Member Posts: 29
Hello !
While ago with force of time and reflexion, we understood that number of troops on each camps depends on each player battle points level.
and it seems to work.

Now. since Big Foot. I started to notice an huge increase on successfull raid against my town.
I was on a ratio 85% wining defenses
and now I am ratio 35% winning / 65% loosing with the exact same town layout.
but with more battle point (now I have maxed the fort and battle points) and some defensive building upgraded;
so surely my town should be hard to raid. But I get the opposite.

I know the Big Foot are part of me loosing. so I throw them all away.

SO.... my Question :smile:

How to increase the number of troops on each camps in my town, please ?

and. How does it work ? is it completly random ????

because with a friend who append to get my town on his map. I discovered I got 2 troops on most of the camps. and few camps with 3 troops... :-1:

Thanks for your answers.

level 39
---- Red Legion posse ----

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  • keymankeyman Member Posts: 29
    Hello Fatman,
    Thanks for your reply. I'll take note of what you are saying. sure.
    but what I was specifically asking was about the number of troops on each camps
    and how the game choose to add 2 troops on this camp, 3 on this other one, or even 4 on that one (which I don't ever get)
    On previous post on this forum It was say that number of troops on your town depend on your battle point level.
    But as I say I already maxed the battle points but get a ridiculously low number of troops....

    I hope my "frenglish" is understandable as it is not my fluent language....

    Thanks in advance.
    ---- Red Legion posse ----
  • hashbrownhashbrown Member Posts: 62
    I think what you may be asking is; Is the housing space of a camp equal to the deployment cost of the sidekicks within that camp? If so, good question, but the answer doesn't matter since we can't control what sidekicks are in our camps for defensive purposes. Since you gain housing space when you upgrade your camp, it stands to reason that you also gain defensive sidekicks....if they are related. But, I could be wrong about this since it is an aspect of the game we can't control.
  • keymankeyman Member Posts: 29
    Hey hashbrown!
    From what I've seens, the level of a camp site is not related to the number of troops in this camps for defending on raid attacks.
    It is clearly true when you see someone with a new camp level 1 or 2; but with the same or even higher number of troops there...
  • keymankeyman Member Posts: 29
    Thanks fat man.
    I really didn't notice that from my experience,
    but perhaps it have changed from previous updates.
  • GazzaGazza Member Posts: 95
    When one is maxed out with camps you have 7, and with all at level 20 you have 224 slots, or 32 per camp. I have reached this point and only use about 20 slots for town cards so have over 200 troops ... That means 28-29 per camp. When I jump onto the game and say hello to my troops they are never in the camps ... they are wandering all about waiting for me to give them something to do. If I wanted to I could try and count them but I'm sure they are all there!

    But when I scout another players town ... at a similar level to me ... what do I see? Just a few troops hanging out around the camps. Then when I attack ... what happens ... no defence troops appear until my troops get near one of their camps ... and it's never a whole lot of troops!

    Next ... when I replay an attack on my town ... same story ... I see the attack troops ... every one of them ... but where are my 200 plus defence troops? AWOL!

    So what's my point? Well ... either only a small fraction of your troops are ever deployed to defend your town in an attack ... or they do and the game animation doesn't show them. Go figure!
  • MoeMoe Member Posts: 4
    Gazza, only a handful of your troops defend your town - a few in each camp. I have to say I'm glad about that, because I'm only a fairly low level and would hate to attack someone and find 200 sidekicks coming at me!

    I don't know the formula for how many troops you'll have defending your camp, but do know there's nothing you can do to choose them, as others have said.
  • Wingman300Wingman300 Member Posts: 222
    The bigger issue is they pick who defends your town and it is a joke. Why would I want a low level big foot out there when I have legendary mercs..... or legendary rangers...
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