Christmas Week Cattle Battle Event!

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Get tons of presents!


To celebrate the holidays we've got a challenge for y'all cattle rustlers. This week's cattle battle event is super special. Better not miss it!

The Christmas Week Event (week 52) will give y'all tons of presents to fill up yer decks. Collect more Train packs from the 15 reward tiers!

Each member in the top three Posses that have gathered the most points during the event will be rewarded in the following way:

- Posse in 1st place: 3000 diamonds
- Posse in 2nd place: 2000 diamonds
- Posse in 3rd place: 1000 diamonds

So round up yer posse and get ready to battle your way up to the top while getting more reward packs to open!



  • TeeceezyTeeceezy Staff Posts: 3,576
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    Thanks to everyone who participated in our Christmas Week Cattle Battle Event!

    The Top 3 Posses at the end of it were:

    1. Hang'em High
    2. Topgunz Unite
    3. Saigon

    Congratulations to the winners! The prizes have been sent your way. :)
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