Stars - make them more meaningful!

Why not make PVP battles - and "Star Ratings" more meaningful? Right now, you can get some notice by being on leader boards, which is good... But what about:

- Star Rating next to your player name - maybe even a "Star" badge depending on level

- PVP - why are there people on the leader boards with really low level? On the Global board, there are people at levels 20's and 30's - who are being rewarded for NOT upgrading their bases and simply beating lousy competition to increase their Star Rating. Solution? Why not let players attack multiple level - maybe if you're a Level 45 - occasionally a Level 38 appear in your map? This may help even things out and encourage lower level people to actually upgrade their bases..

- More Deduction for losses - reward people for goo defenses beyond diamonds (which are great) but maybe it's +6 for a Win and -3 for a loss?



  • KellyGreyKellyGrey Member Posts: 93
    @SnowDrifter These are great suggestions about the stars and PVP! Especially love the idea of the "Star" badge to signify players' Star rating, these tips will go to our development team.
  • boltbolt Member Posts: 10
    I think it would make the game more competitive if you would loose stars for a lost defense. This would encourage a strong defense for those who choose to play for ratings
  • TronTron Member Posts: 10
    I agree that stars system should be change for more interesting and competitive. If you think about all the sport and games out there today, defense win games. Town should get one point for all fail invader and fail invader lose one point plus diamonds.
  • KellyGreyKellyGrey Member Posts: 93
    @Tron @bolt great suggestions about the stars system, I really like the ideas around creating a strong defense, and how to make the game more interesting and competitive. Your tips are going to our developers!
  • GazzaGazza Member Posts: 95
    Diamonds is the only game currency we buy with real money ... start taking diamonds off players and the backlash will make the dr card balance seem like a it was nothing! Other ideas are good! You back from holiday KG? Long time no hear!
  • KellyGreyKellyGrey Member Posts: 93
    Lol @Gazza Good to be back!
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