Devilman's Card Guide

My cards, I’m level 35 with 6 camps all at lvl 13 (150 card slots) I have no non troop cards.

Hey everyone, I’m writing this guide upon request of my Posse. This is what I start with for all the different battles. I have 47 starting BP’s and 8 flags.

For PVP: I use 4 Tin, 5-10 GS, 10-15 49ers. And 1-2 Rangers if my attack plan involves an early enemy camp.

For computer maps: I use 4 Tin, 4 Rangers, 7 GS and 2 49er. I will sometimes sub in 1-2 Gatling for 1 ranger or less GS and 49ers. As you earn BP’s add Tin, GS or 49ers. Also a Shaman can help but only if you have lots of troops still alive.

Cattle battles: I use 4 Tin, 5 GS, the rest 49ers. Maybe 1 ranger if you have early enemy troops to deal with. Sally and Pinkerton are priority targets, use flags to take them down. If your map has no Sally towers use more GS, less 49ers to absorb tower fire.

Gold Rush: Tactic 1. 3 Mercs, 6 Wranglers. Flag your way through all enemies to base. Good against Tin, GS, 49ers, and Gats. Not great against Mercs, Rangers, Wranglers.
Tactic 2: 4 Tin, 4 Rangers, the rest GS. Avoid Bombs, sand traps, Wranglers and 49ers at all costs. Your Rangers are key to victory.

Collecting cards like a boss: I broke up my card collecting into 3 stages.
Note: Wrangler and Bigfoot can only be obtained from cattle/gold rush packs and Diamond packs.

Stage 1:
Collect any GS, Tin and 49er. Always choose the Ranger (fairly rare) card and Veteran Caleb Carpenter card if they appear.
Only choose a veteran or higher of Wrangler, Merc and Gat. Only choose Notorious Shaman. Only collect Bigfoots if you have a lot of space.
When you have collected 16 Veteran GS, 20 Veteran Tin and 28 Veteran 49er.
Move onto stage 2.

Stage 2:
Merge 1 GS, Tin and 49er to Notorious, then keep merging those 3 into Notorious whenever you hit there stage 1 Veteran Cap. So merge another Notorious GS when you have 16 Veterans, another Notorious Tin when you have 20 Veterans etc.
Apply this to Rangers as well but collect 8 rugged and then merge once to get 1 Veteran. When you have 5 Notorious GS, merge all your Vet GS to give you 8+ Notorious GS.
When you have 12 Notorious Tin, merge all your Veteran Tin to give you 16 Notorious Tin. When you have 14 Notorious 49er merge your Veterans but leave 8 veterans, giving you roughly 26ish Notorious and Vet 49ers.
Move onto stage 3.

Stage 3:
You know the Drill. Once you hit 22-24 Notorious 49er you can merge all remaining Vets. Merge 1 Legendary @ 12 Notorious GS, 20 Notorious Tin, 26 Notorious 49er.
Once you get 5 Legen GS, merge all remaning Notorious GS to Give you 7-8 Legen and clear up some space. Then merge Legen GS every time you get 4 Notorious.
Merge Rangers every 8, so get 8 rugged then merge once, collect 8 Vets then merge once (always have 5 rangers available).

All other cards are to be merged as high as possible until stage 3. Then merge like Rangers, always giving yourself 4 or 5. Never merge early. It is better to have 4 of a kind rather than 1 at the next level up.

The only non troop cards you should ever have saved are Vet or Notor Caleb carpenter cards.
If you start to run out of room, delete in order: Shaman, Bigfoot, Merc, Gat.
If you still need room, collect rugged + GS, Tin, 49er and choose non troop cards you can use instantly if none of these appear.
If you still need room, Delete all vet and lower of whichever 2 you have the least of GS, Tin, 49er, e.g. I need room and I have 3 vet 49ers, and 1 vet GS and Tin, I would delete as many GS or Tin cards as needed including the Vet cards until I could get a 4th Vet 49er and Merge it into a Notor.

My rough goal: 20 Legen GS, 30 Legen Tin, 40 Legen 49er, 15 Notor/Legen Wrangler, 3 Legen Gats, 4 Legen Shamans, 15 Legen Mercs, 15-20 Legen Rangers, 5 Notor/Legen Bigfoots.

Quick troop rundown:
Gunslinger: Cheap with quick respawn times. Mediocre until Legendary. But @ legendary they shine and act as your secondary bullet sponge.
Tin Men: The best card hands down. Can use Vet, Notor and Legen. It’s speed and close range are the perfect combo to get just ahead of your ranged squishes and draw all the enemy fire. It’s only drawback would be it’s damage. At later lvls you will lose troops. If at the end of a stage you have only lost Tin and GS, you have done well.
49er: strengths: Anything that doesn’t move. Weakness: Anything that can cause damage. Can use Vet, Notor, Legen. Works best in numbers and when buildings are touching each other.
Wrangler: Great for groups of troops or rushing past defences. Sucks at staying with the rest of your troops and damaging buildings. Notor only.
Gatling: Great sub for Rangers against lots of troops that's If it even makes it to the fight in time. Get 2-4 to Legendary.
Shaman: The weakest link, simply because of it’s mechanic. It either cannot heal moving troops or cannot heal whilst moving. Either way, your troops rarely stay still. Honestly don’t bother.
Mercenary: Expensive to deploy, but with great damage. Fairly weak though. Start collecting these later in the game. Great for a Merc, Wrangler rush to an undefended target. Notor/Legen only
Ranger: My second favourite card. Very squishy but has longest range and stupid high damage against both troops and buildings. Vet, Notor, Legen.
Bigfoot: Stupid expensive, don’t let it’s high health fool you, because Deputy, Sherriff, GS, Gat, Sniper and Merc all do extra damage to it. I only use in PVP when there is a camp near the enemy Courthouse, 3-4 of these dropped next to the Courthouse in PVP will decimate the Courthouse and give you an easy victory. Vet and Notor.


  • yetiyeti Member Posts: 2
    Great guide, Devilman. I haven't really focussed much on gunslingers, looks like I'll have to get collecting!
  • hashbrownhashbrown Member Posts: 62
    I use gunslingers as my plan B. If all else fails, I dive into those.
  • KellyGreyKellyGrey Member Posts: 93
    Wow @XoDEVILMANoX this is awesome!
  • XoDEVILMANoXXoDEVILMANoX Member Posts: 7
    @ Kelly. Thank you.
    @Yeti. Don't neglect your other cards and go GS crazy. Like I said, they are great if you have them. Getting a good supply of Tin and 49ers is probably more important.
    @hashbrown. All my battles apart from merc/wrangler rush, involve these little guys. Wonder how 50-60 Leg GS would go as your starting group?
  • shrobert79shrobert79 Member Posts: 183
    Great information. Thanks for posting these.
  • OblioOblio Member Posts: 219
    edited May 2016
    Generally an excellent report. Definitely important not to over merge. Keeping 4 to 6 rangers & gats is important. I think you over value tin men, they were horribly under powered until the legendary promotion. I also disagree with the assessment of wranglers. Yes, individually they are weak, but as a group they are incredibly powerful. Their shotguns do area damage, so they are effective against closely grouped buildings. I use them instead of tin men to absorb damage, explode booby traps etc. They do need a careful use of rally flags to keep from diving too deep into trouble.
    From the start I collected wranglers whenever I got the option and don't regret it one bit.
    I use them exclusively in vs. computer battles, gold rush events and pvp battles where a courthouse isn't surrounded by camps. With 80 deployment points I can unleash 20 notorious wranglers and sit back and collect my winnings.
    Lvl 45, 80 DP, 21 GS(L), 8 TM(L), 31 FN(L), 31 W(N), 11 GT(L), 4 S(L), 5 M(L), 7 R(L), 9 BF(V)
  • TreverTrever Member Posts: 313
    Lots of info there. What's even more interesting is seeing kellygrey respond. Don't ruin a good post by adding your stupid two cents kelly
  • XoDEVILMANoXXoDEVILMANoX Member Posts: 7
    @Oblio. With 80 BP and unleashing 20, then yes Wranglers would be effective. But with close to half your BP and with the audience I'm targeting (lvl 35 and under and not being able to open many train packs) then Tin is effective and also very easy to obtain option. I noticed you have 9 BF (V), I finally managed to merge a Notor. I highly recommend at least upgrading 1 upto Notor, the difference is huge.
    @Trevor. Thank you.
  • OblioOblio Member Posts: 219
    At every card level wranglers are much tougher, and do much more damage then tin men for exactly the same deployment cost. Like I mentioned, I have no regrets grabbing every wrangler card I could early on, they served me well when I only had a dozen veterans. Wranglers for screen & shock, 49ers for major demolition & Rangers for the killing blow.
    I merged tin men whenever I had more then 8, focusing on collecting Wranglers and 49ers. This worked well for me when I was in my level 30's. Only recently am I building up my gunslingers.
    My point is that wranglers are a decent substitute for tin men in most situations, and invaluable for Gold Rush. They shouldn't be ignored, even at lower levels.

    Yes, I plan to merge a couple of BF's when I have the loot to spare.
  • LuckyLucasLuckyLucas Member Posts: 3
    edited May 2016
    Both interest points and food for thought.

    Thank you Oblio for your input and Devil for his post.

    I personally lean towards tin but was not aware of the value of wranglers during game play considering they appear to be on their own individual mission (I appear to not have enough flags).

    I think I might adopt a new approach and test out wranglers for awhile to make up my own mind.
  • CosmoCosmo Member Posts: 85
    I am level 36, have 74 deployment points and 11 flags. I can get through level 43 pretty easy using 6 wranglers and the rest mercenaries during the cattle/horse scenarios. Pretty much the same with the gem/gold too. I do thank you both for the advice, I have copied it and will reread it!
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