Benefits of joining a Posse?

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Howdy folks!

I am Pain from the West (a.k.a West Pain) and I wanted to ask you of the advantages of being in a posse. I just got Courthouse lv 8 and wanted to know them before applying to join a posse. I am quite new to the game and am looking for answers from forum veterans and people that have a lot of experience with them!

Thank ya Cowboys!


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    There are so many. First you meet nice people. You will learn tricks to winning battles. The battle rewards you need many people working together to get them. Which results in better troops especially if you are lower level.

    Look at the top 10 posses in the weekly battle. Most of them have an entry posse.
    Pain Walker
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    At lower levels the posse events gets you resources and troops faster than not being in a posse, and that's not even counting the posse rewards! At higher levels we don't play for the resources or cards as we need neither ... we play for the comradeship and our lovely posse friends ... even the ones on opposing posses!
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  • Pain WalkerPain Walker Content Creator Posts: 2,480
    Do you guys have any good posses?
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    Well. We all know The Legends is the strongest posse out there. But at level 8. It will be a little hard to find a top posse and get in. As wingy said. Look at the top posses on the leaderboard. Read the description to see if the have beginner posses. It's a long road but if you stuck with it. Lots of fun!
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    'Top Posse' and 'Good Posse' aren't necessarily the same thing! We have a few people coming to our posse to recharge, they are tired of being pushed to get hundreds of posse points per event.
    We have a turnover of 3 or 4 players a month, half kicked for inactivity, the others move on to find a more exciting posse. We are not, nor are we interested in being a 'feeder posse' for a Leaderboard posse.
    But I like a casual & friendly international posse where there is always someone on to say hello, or good morning. We all share strategy to help the lower level players improve their Gold Rush or Cattle Battle scores. That's my idea of a 'good posse'.

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    Maybe give your posse name in your post. I mean just a thought
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    That would be advertising.... Wrong spot for that. Cowpokes can find me & my posse in the 'recruitment tab' if they are interested. This is a general discussion about why join, not who to join.
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    The only wrong spot is in someone else's recruitment tab. Saying the posse you are affiliated with in a question like this certainly is proper condsidering HE ASKED.

    That's right, scroll up the guy asked.
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    Do you guys have any good posses?

    If you look in the recruitment tab you can find one to match your needs. If you see a posse with a number behind it such as HEH 2,TPX 2, or Legends 2 those are generally entry posses where people will help you grow and learn the game. Also many have recordings on how to beat levels or bases.
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