Tieko Anos

2clo2clo Member Posts: 18
edited June 2016 in Posse Recruitment
Come and Join my NEW possee
My possee Will be yours ! If you are active player
No rules
Just active players. And fun

2clo lvl55


  • TronTron Member Posts: 10
    Come back to Aulac, we need you 2clo
  • TronTron Member Posts: 10
    No fun playing alone.
  • 2clo2clo Member Posts: 18
    Hi tron. I Will come back. If i dont manage to make possee.
  • 2clo2clo Member Posts: 18
    No fun playing in possee who sure to earn. Im full everywhere
  • GudGud Member Posts: 176
    Did you give up to start a posse?
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