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    March 20
  • huskersoxfan
    I’m really glad you deleted Afroponix’s post...he use to be in our Guild, and our leader ended up booting him because of crap like that. Keep your head up are doing a great job of communicating, even if we don’t always like the information.
    March 17
  • mgege83
    Dear Vane,
    could you please help me(us)? I am not able to login and hours pass. Loosing shop refreshes, camp defenses (radio, gold, tokens, etc). I reinstalled the game already. Do you have any plan to solve this issue? Please tell us something, thanks in advance!
    March 14
  • danBLE40
    Hola Vane, solicito tu valioso apoyo ya que es a estas horas en que aun no puedo acceder al juego... Y más allá de eso, no quiero perder mis 40 tokens diarios de verano ya que, por lo mismo, no me ha sido posible hacer nada en el juego...

    Te agradezco. Saludos.
    March 14
  • collectx
    How about i log in 3 hours after challenge starts and get my round passes. play 5 missions and it freezes. I just logged back in finally and all my round passes are gone and
    please if you can pass message along to someone who can fix ...i had 7 round passes

    in game name is deadeye mclovin

    March 13
  • goldenboy
    Congrats for this coolest game ever... but it doesn’t work... sorry 😐 but I spend a lot of money in it... wasted money 💰 I guess
    March 13
  • Warlord126
    Spot on. Thanks for the swift info.
    March 13
  • Billdinger
    Man, our Guild, Four0Six really got screwed about an hour ago. One of our Elders, Dixie, kicked everyone out of the Guild, and then left herself. We have restarted the guild, but our all-time stars are gone, and we have no way to contact about half of the members in our Guild to rejoin. Roughly half of us are on our GroupMe chat/FB page.

    I am praying that someone can restore our Guild the way it was before Dixie basically imploded the Guild. Our leaders name is DirtyDijana, and that's her gamer tag as well. Please help, and we would like to see Dixie banned from the game so she doesn't do this to another Guild. What can be done? We are a serious Guild that was basically torpedoed by a member for no reason.

    Thanks in advance!
    March 12
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    March 6
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    March 5
  • huskersoxfan
    Hi Vane,

    Responding to Triple Rounds here, because if you oppose this in any way in the forums, you get crucified by end gamers that bitch about the grind.

    You will lose many mid levels players that are fighting to get to triple rounds. Some people play for fun and to reach high numbers, and those of us that have invested time and sometimes money have done so to reach the chance at higher scores than others in our Guild. Reaching that triple round and getting a few more chances with a melee squad that I’ve worked hard for to get past 32-3 that helps me get in front in my Guild.

    Now that is going to be taken away, which means my investment and time is gone. Add to that that during Guild Wars, my hospital is full after a battle, and I can’t play anyway. Between Guild Wars (which I enjoy) and the Challenge ending sooner I guess many players will just stop completely. What’s the point. Whales that spend money will always get the attention. It will eventually kill this game.
    March 2
  • Kaz never felt so welcome!
    February 26
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    February 20
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    February 20
  • DrEvil76
    As Guild Leader of the Misfits I would like to enter into the mythical GUI;d leader chat room please.
    February 15
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    February 15
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    February 13
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    February 13